Alternates for University committees


DATE OF APPROVAL: 26 August 1991 

AMENDMENTS: C9/94, 7 November 1994

REFERENCE AUTHORITY: University Returning Officer



1. Alternates are permitted for University Committees (other than Council) provided that alternates for elected members come from the same electorates.

2. Alternates for ex officio and nominated members of University Committees will be the person formally deputized to act in the absent member's position.


1. An election for a member(s) and alternate(s) of committees will be conducted simultaneously. Candidates may nominate for one or both categories. When a candidate who is standing in both categories is elected to a committee that candidate's preferences will be redistributed to the candidates remaining in the ballot for alternate.

2. The Returning Officer conducting a ballot shall notify the executive officer of the relevant committee the results of the ballot including elected alternate(s).

3. Members are responsible for notifying alternates of any expected absences from meetings; the notice of absence should be sufficient to allow alternates to prepare for the meeting.