Controlled Environments Policy


To mitigate risks associated with the University’s Controlled Environments.


All persons who use Controlled Environments, including staff responsible for supporting the associated infrastructure.


The Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Enterprise is responsible for ensuring organisation-wide adherence to this Policy.

End Users are responsible for ensuring that risks associated with storing their materials within Controlled Environments are appropriately mitigated.

Device Managers are responsible for ensuring that Controlled Environment Devices are operating effectively.


1. All Controlled Environments shall be Fit For Purpose.

2. End Users and Device Managers will conduct specific risk assessments relating to the procurement, use and disposal of Controlled Environment Devices and stored materials.

3. The University will take all reasonable steps to mitigate risks associated with the use of Controlled Environments.

4. Mitigation measures will be proportionate to the identified risks.

5. Controlled Environment Devices will be catalogued in the University’s enterprise platform.

6. Stored materials will be audited at least every 5 years and materials that are no longer required will be disposed of appropriately.


Controlled Environments Any environment that requires a controlling mechanism / parameter to manage environmental conditions such as temperature, air pressure, air quality, humidity, lighting and water quality.

Controlled Environment Device: Any equipment, device, or facility that creates a controlled environment, including but not limited to refrigerators, freezers, cool rooms, dewars, fish tanks, greenhouses, herbaria and sterilised housing.

End Users are persons who store their material within a Controlled Environment.

Fit For Purpose means the Controlled Environment Device complies with relevant Australian Standards, including but not limited to AS/NZS 14644, and is intended for use in a commercial setting.

Device Managers include all staff directly responsible for managing Controlled Environment Devices.

Associated Documentation:

Officer Responsible for Update and Review: Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Enterprise

Approving Authority: Vice Chancellor

Approval Date: 1 December 2022

Commencement Date: December 2022

Review Date: December 2027

History: Replaces Policy RES-23 Freezer and Cold Storage originally approved 19 October 2018