Bradley Distinguished Professor Procedure


Context and Purpose

The Bradley Distinguished Professor Procedure (the Procedure) defines the process for the conferral of the title University of South Australia Bradley Distinguished Professor (Bradley Distinguished Professor) in recognition of preeminent academic staff achievement in research/creative activity, education, leadership and engagement.


This Procedure applies to full and part time, continuing or fixed term Academic staff at Level E.

This Procedure is pursuant to the Academic Promotion Policy (M-26).


1. Candidates for Bradley Distinguished Professor are identified by nomination only.

2. Conferral of the title is a high honour and will not be routinely bestowed.

3. Whilst conferral of the title is not available through application through the annual Academic Promotion round, the nomination and assessment process and timeline will be aligned to the University’s annual Academic Promotion round.

4. The members of the Senior Academic Promotion Panel will consider nominations during the annual Academic Promotion round.

5. If a nomination is received outside the Academic Promotion round, the Vice Chancellor may request a sub-group of the Senior Academic Promotion Panel be established by the Executive Director: People, Talent and Culture to consider the nomination. Membership of the panel will be:

a. The Vice-Chancellor (Chair);
b. The Provost & Chief Academic Officer;
c. The Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Enterprise;
d. The Executive Director: People, Talent and Culture.

6. The Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Enterprise and/or the Provost & Chief Academic Officer and/or Executive Dean will consult with the Vice Chancellor in anticipation of a nomination for conferral of title Bradley Distinguished Professor.

7. The Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Enterprise and/or the Provost & Chief Academic Officer and/or Executive Dean will submit nominations (as endorsed by the relevant Executive Dean/equivalent) for the conferral of the title Bradley Distinguished Professor to the Vice Chancellor as Chair of the Senior Academic Promotion Panel through the Senior Academic Promotion Panel’s Executive Officer.

8. Nomination criteria and submission

9. Nominated academic staff must be a continuing or fixed term academic staff member continuously employed by the University of South Australia for a minimum two years.

The nomination will include:

a) an evidence-based case set out in the Nomination Form of up to a maximum of five (5) pages which offers an appraisal of the preeminent international quality, productivity and impact of a staff member’s achievement in support of the University’s mission and strategic objectives, in research/creative activity or education and demonstration of leadership impact in accordance with the University’s core attributes. Pre-eminence may be demonstrated by:

  • membership of one of the learned national or international academies or Fellowships (such as the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Academy of the Humanities or Laureate Fellowships) or comparable organisations;
  • major national or internationally recognised prizes, awards, patents or honours (such as Prime Minister’s prizes);
    exceptional quality and impact of work as measured by global standards;
  • a significant portfolio of major publications with international publishers, world class journals or quality creative artefacts;
  • significant measurable leadership and impacts to society and/or the nominee’s discipline
  • supervisor and/or Executive Dean endorsement
  • name and contact details of three international peers of eminent international standing in the field(s) who have no conflict of interest and who may be approached to provide an independent peer assessment of the case for nomination if required; and
  • other relevant benchmarking evidence (as required).

b) a current curriculum vitae; and
c) the nominee's Academic Staff Activity Report (ASAR).

10. Nominations for Bradley Distinguished Professor will be submitted prior to the shortlisting meeting for each Academic Promotion round.


11. Nominations will be considered by the Senior Academic Promotion Panel annually. The nominated academic staff member may be invited to interview.

12. The Vice Chancellor will provide a confidential report to Council seeking endorsement of the Senior Academic Promotion Panel’s recommendation for awarding of the Bradley Distinguished Professor title.


13. Conferral of the title will be for up to five (5) years and may be renewable, subject to review and approval of the Vice Chancellor.

14. Prior to the end of the final year, the performance of the Bradley Distinguished Professor in research/creative activity or education, and leadership will be reviewed by the Senior Academic Promotion Panel, and if still considered to be outstanding, the holding of the title for up to an additional five (5) year period may be recommended to Council.

15. Professors awarded the Bradley Distinguished Professor title will be remunerated in accordance with the academic staff salary scales at Academic Level E with any supplementary remuneration determined by the Vice Chancellor as appropriate, taking account of any existing loadings and salary supplementation.


This Procedure is managed by the People, Talent & Culture Unit.

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