Philanthropic Gift and Fundraising Policy


  1. To detail the principles informing the University’s position on inviting, accepting, managing, and recognising philanthropic gifts, donations, and bequests.


  1. The policy applies to all University staff and representatives involved in any matters related to philanthropic gift and fundraising activity.
  2. The policy applies to all forms of philanthropic support. This includes but is not limited to gifts of money, real estate, cultural material, currencies, stocks and/or shares, research materials or other assets.
  3. The policy does not apply to non-philanthropic funding for example, sponsorship or reciprocal arrangements, nor to staff benefits or hospitality offered by external entities.


  1. The Vice-Chancellor is the approving authority for this policy.
  2. The Vice-Chancellor is the officer responsible for organisation-wide adherence to this policy.
  3. The Chief Advancement Officer is responsible for reviewing and updating this policy and related protocols and procedures (see Related Protocols and Procedures).
  4. The procedural responsibilities of University staff members and representatives in relation to this policy are detailed in the associated documentation (see Associated Documentation).
  5. All University staff members and representatives are expected to comply with the provisions of this policy and its associated documentation.

Policy Principles

  1. Philanthropic support is essential to the University achieving the full potential of its academic mission. The University will welcome and encourage philanthropic support that aligns with its mission, values, and strategic objectives.
  2. The University will respect the rights and intentions of persons or entities that provide philanthropic support. These rights and intentions will be clarified in writing before the University accepts any such support.
  3. The University will comply with all relevant legislation and codes.
  4. All gifts to the University will be acknowledged. Donors of monetary gifts will be provided with an official University of South Australia tax receipt.
  5. The University collects and uses data about its alumni and donors to steward its life-long relationships. This data is collected and managed in a responsible, secure, and compliant manner.
  6. The University will, at its discretion, recognise significant philanthropic gifts through naming University buildings, structures, facilities, collections, academic positions, programs, scholarships, or awards in honour of the donor/s. Where the naming no longer represents the identity, community, or values of UniSA the University may remove naming.
  7. Unless specifically intended by the donor, no portion of a philanthropic gift will be used for administrative purposes.
  8. The University, at its discretion, reserves the right to decline an offer of philanthropic support.
  9. The University, at its discretion, reserves the right to return funds or other assets provided as philanthropic support and/or to discontinue a philanthropic arrangement.

Related Protocols and Procedures

  1. The protocols, and procedures applicable to all categories of philanthropic support and fundraising are detailed in Philanthropic Gift and Fundraising Procedure.

Associated Documentation

Officer Responsible for Update and Review: Chief Advancement Officer

Approving Authority: Vice-Chancellor

Approval Date: 5 April 2023

Commencement Date: 5 April 2023

Review Date: 30 April 2024

History: This is a new policy developed to comply with the UniSA Policy Framework approved by Council in December 2020. The procedure and correlating policy replace the Code of practice: University philanthropic activity (June 2005, revised May 2012, June 2020).