The Communications & Marketing Unit (CMK) develops and implements marketing and communications strategies and initiatives that enable the delivery of UniSA’s strategic priorities.

We do this in partnership with the University’s Academic Units, including Research Institutes and Centres, UniSA Online, and central administrative units.

CMK’s main areas of strategic focus include the UniSA brand and profile, activities that support domestic student recruitment (locally and nationally), the UniSA Rankings & Reputation Strategy, and our Industry Partnerships Strategy in collaboration with the Enterprise Hub.

In domestic student recruitment, CMK leads on the early part of the student journey, focussing on awareness of UniSA through to application/preference, with the ultimate aim to grow student load.

Use the tiles below to find out more about our activities and how CMK may be able to assist you with your promotional objectives.

Note: These resources are only accessible by UniSA staff. 

Points to consider before approaching CMK for support

  • What is your objective?
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • Do you have budget available? Many marketing activities require a cost for printing, advertising, catering or similar.
  • Does an existing University activity, publication, or asset fulfil your requirements? 
  • Can you use a University branded word template to fulfil your requirements? 
  • What is your timeline? Many marketing activities require a long lead time, so the sooner you contact us with your idea or request, the more likely we will be able to support you. 
  • Does your idea or proposed activity align with your Academic Unit/central administrative unit objectives and priorities? 
  • Have you received support from your Executive Dean, General Manager, Research Centre Manager or Unit Director/Deputy Directors to commence this project? 

Want to speak with someone?

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