Definitions: Research Data Collection - Research Income

Category 1: Australian Competitive Grants

Since 2018 Australian universities have been required to self-assess schemes for classification as Category 1 funding.  This is in place of the previous Australian Competitive Grants Register which is no longer being maintained.

Potential Category 1 funding schemes are assessed against a decision tree provided as part of the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) specifications.

Contact the UniSA Research Office for advice regarding the UniSA self-assessment process and to nominate a funding scheme for classification as Category 1 funding.

Category 2: Other Public Sector R&D Income

Category 2 includes:

  • any other research income received from the Australian Government that is not eligible for inclusion as Category 1 research income
  • research income from Australian Government business enterprises
  • research income (including contract research) from both state and local governments
  • research income from state government business enterprises
  • research income from partly government owned or funded bodies
  • research income from CRCs in which the University was not a core participant or participant (i.e. was not a signatory to the Commonwealth Agreement during the reporting period).

Category 2 is broken down into the following sub-categories:

  • Commonwealth Government (own purpose)
  • Commonwealth Government (other)
  • State/Territory/Local Government (own purpose)
  • State/Territory/Local Government (other)

Category 3: Industry and Other R&D Income

Category 3 consists of R&D income received from the private sector, philanthropic and international sources.

Category 3 is broken down in the following sub-categories:

3.1 Australian

3.1.1 Australian private sector Australian for-profit organisations Australian not-for-profit organisations

3.1.2 Australian philanthropy

3.2 International

3.2.1 International private sector International for-profit organisations International not-for-profit organisations

3.2.2 International philanthropy

3.2.3 International government International government (own purpose) International government (other)

Category 4: Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) R&D Income

Under Category 4: CRC Research Income, universities must report the research income received from a CRC in which they are defined within the Commonwealth Agreement as a "Participant", and are a signatory to the CRC's Commonwealth Agreement or Participants Agreement.