Do I need AEC Approval?

If you are conducting any form of teaching, research or experimentation involving live animals, you will need prior AEC approval. AEC approval is not required for participating in recreational activities as a member of the public, such as a visit to the zoo or going on a commercially-operated dolphin cruise; however, if animal-related data will be collected for publication purposes (including Honours or postgraduate theses) during such an activity, prior AEC approval will be required.

If you are conducting a teaching or research activity that is not directly related to animals but is likely to have a direct impact on animals, such as disrupting a natural environment or using a specimen-collection method that is likely to incorporate a by-catch of animals, prior AEC approval may be required. Any enquiries as to whether or not an activity requires AEC approval should be submitted to the Animal Ethics Officer.

Types of activity that require AEC approval include (but are not restricted to):

  • Using animals for tertiary teaching programmes
  • Using animals for wildlife studies
  • Using animals for biomedical, veterinary or other scientific research
  • Conducting biological surveys
  • Establishing or maintaining a breeding colony
  • Using animals for behavioural studies
  • Incorporating animals into teaching methodologies
  • Use of animals in agricultural, horticultural or aquacultural research
  • Removing an animal from its natural environment for research or teaching purposes
  • Importing, exporting or transporting an animal for research or teaching purposes
  • Using animals for product testing, environmental testing or production of biological products