Internal Research Support Schemes

The University of South Australia offers a range of internal research support schemes. These schemes aim to:

  • foster and encourage researchers to the point where they can become competitive for external research funding
  • support researchers conduct early-stage projects
  • help develop research collaborations with industry partners and other universities

The University also participates in a number of joint funding initiatives with other Australian and international universities and other organisations. The Research and Innovation Services Office manage these internal grant schemes. Prior to submission of a proposal, applicants are encouraged to read all the available information on individual grant pages.


Scheme Applications Open Applications Close

DVC:R&E Co-Investment Scheme

Continuous Requests for investment must be submitted to RIS no later than 10 working days before the funding bodies grant submission deadline.
UniSA Research Momentum During Parental Leave Scheme



The scheme will remain open until the 2021 fund is exhausted.

Please contact the Project Officer to the Dean of Graduate Studies to receive more information on the scheme, including criteria and conditions for funding, and to obtain an application.

Australia-Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme Open

Applications must be received no later than 27 June 2022.

Aboriginal Research Strategy Internal Seed Funding Scheme

Application Form

Report & Acquittal Form


Unless an exception has been granted by the DVCRE and the PVC ALS, all applications must be received no later than Friday 2 September 2022.