Student Ombud

Welcome to the Student Ombud site. This page provides information about the role of the Student Ombud and what you can expect when you make contact with the office of the Student Ombud. 

The role of the Student Ombud is to ensure that all students receive fair and equitable treatment within the University of South Australia. The Student Ombud provides University-wide advice to students who are encountering difficulties in the interpretation and management of policies, guidelines and procedures governing student-related activities.  

Although an employee of the University, the Student Ombud has the authority to operate independently, impartially and objectively to look into your concerns. Where possible, the Student Ombud will work informally to help students and the University work through and resolve any problems they might have. It is best to think of the Student Ombud as the 'Advocate for Fairness' and the 'the final port of call' when all available internal mechanisms have been exhausted.

Please click here for more information about the Student Ombud, including their qualifications and experience at UniSA.

The UniSA Student Ombud