Referring Students to Student Services

Students can be referred to the SEU when you are concerned about:

  • their academic progress
  • their well-being or health, including mental health, a disability or medical condition that may be impacting their study
  • You can save the eReferral form in your portal page for easy access

How to refer students to the SEU

1.     Fill out the eReferral, making sure you fill in all fields provided

2.     Submit the form

  • Both you and the student will receive an email acknowledgement that SEU staff have received the referral
  • It is the student's decision as to whether they act upon the referral
  • If the student makes an appointment to see someone at the SEU, you will receive an email indicating they have made contact with the SEU
  • If you do not receive a follow-up email, it is because the student has decided not to contact the SEU

Groups of students

To recommend a group of students email the SEU, identify the campus, students and the type of intervention you think they need. You can also call the SEU on 28999 to discuss the situation.

Risk management

Do not use the eReferral form if you believe that a student is at risk of self-harm or harming others. If you believe a student is in need of urgent assistance or support, call the SEU on 28999. If a more critical incident has occurred, contact security who will attend contact the on call counsellor.