Geospatial Sciences

The buddy system connects first year Environmental and Geospatial Science students with a member of the teaching staff. The purpose of the buddy system is to support students who have limited background knowledge of the university environment and their chosen science program.

Program objectives

The primary goals of the system are to ensure that students:

  • are more comfortable with new challenges at university (either related to or outside of their studies)
  • have an closer affinity and identification with their program and peers
  • are able to seek help regarding the university’s systems, policies and procedures
  • learn about new areas of the university they would otherwise have missed
  • are more motivated to achieve success in their studies
    through supported learning

Program model

The Staff-Student Buddy systems provides participating students (mentees) with:

  • an opportunity to learn about university life and all that is on offer from someone on the inside
  • an immediate and accessible point of contact for any queries or curiosities they may have about their studies, future career, opportunities for networking, extracurricular activities, problems or challenges, and inside tips on how to succeed.
  • someone to listen to their questions or concerns, no matter how or small or off-topic they may seem to be
  • one-to-one mentoring and advice to help build their confidence,
  • a greater understanding of the range of possibilities available to them at university.
  • All academic staff in the EGS program volunteer to participate in the buddy scheme, and we then assign students equally amongst the staff available.

How to apply

Information about the Staff-Student Buddy System will be provided during orientation and the first week of lectures.

There is no formal application process. Staff are assigned buddies based on new enrolments in the program. Staff will then contact their mentee to arrange the first meeting.

Contact details for further information

Tom Raimondo

Program Director for Environmental Science (LBVT) and Geospatial Science (LBSP)