'Global and Local – Connecting at UniSA'

UniSA is more than just what you see on campus. This season shines a light on our global community with student voices reaching us from places like Adelaide, Whyalla, Canada, China, India, and Malaysia.

Hear how these students maintained connections and studied effectively during the COVID pandemic, and what benefits they gained from the experience. You’ll also hear generally from students, staff and alumni on how to stay motivated and engaged, and how to form meaningful peer, staff and industry connections regardless of where you’re based.

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EPISODE 1: Virtually challenged


COVID changed everything! Suddenly we were forced to study off campus, online, at home and for some of us, in very different time zones. Listen to current UniSA students talk about their experiences when the pandemic first started. How did they deal with the changes?  What obstacles did they face? How did they stay connected and were there any positives to gain?

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EPISODE 2: Join the club!

Whether you’re on campus or online, there are plenty of ways to connect and engage with the UniSA community.  But where do you start and what can you do to make authentic connections which are relevant to your needs?  Listen to current UniSA students who are studying locally, regionally and overseas as they talk about the different UniSA programs and events they’re involved in, and how these have helped them achieve their personal and professional goals.

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EPISODE 3: Connecting to the content

What do lecturers expect from their students and what can you do to succeed? In this episode you’ll hear from academic staff at UniSA as they explain what student success looks like to them, and what strategies you can use to stand out from the crowd and achieve your best.

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EPISODE 4: Industry links

How do you turn your career goals into reality? Need some inspiration and ideas to help you connect to your profession? Hear from staff, students and alumni as they discuss the various pathways and opportunities available to you at UniSA.

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Fariba Sahel

Fariba is in her third year of a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Imaging) at UniSA, City East Campus.  She is passionate about helping other students through mentoring programs such as Study Help Pals as a leader, UniMentors and G’Day Mates. In her spare time she likes to hang out with family and friends, explore new places, and enjoy the little things in life.  

Dan Amato

Dan is in his fourth and final year of Journalism and Creative Writing at UniSA, Magill Campus. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time at university and has made some incredible memories and friendships over the years. He has a strong passion for sports and has interviewed over 25 high-profile former sports figures on his own podcast ‘Amato’s 5th Quarter’.

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This podcast is a collaboration between the Student Engagement Unit (SEU) and current students at UniSA.

The opinions expressed in the Study Room podcast are that of the hosts and/or guest speakers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all students or staff at UniSA.

  • Hosts: Fariba Sahel & Dan Amato
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  • Technical support & Editor: Philip Van Hout
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  • Original artwork: Isabella Whittaker (2022 adaptation by Ivy-Lee Nguyen)
  • Guest speakers (staff): Dr Ron Hoenig (UniSA Creative), Dr Sarah List (UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences) & Mary Power (Career Adviser)
  • Guest speakers (students): Alexandra Feilicia Joe, Asuka Sakagami, Bunheang Chhean, Gul Kanak, Janya Cariappa, Jasmine Edwards, Kasuni Gunasekara, Khushi Damodar Naik, Monika Christian, Samir Kumar, Xinyi Xu & Yolanda Gomes

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