Aboriginal Research Degree Student Establishment and Development Schemes

In 2023, the University introduced new grant schemes to support Aboriginal research degree students, and their learning and research training experience.

  • The Aboriginal HDR Establishment Fund is designed to support commencing students to kickstart their research degree and enable their success. The scheme will support a range of activities that help to establish students in their research program and degree, such as training or courses, and relocation expenses.
  • The Aboriginal HDR Development Fund is designed to enhance current students’ learning and research training experience; and as an example, will contribute financial assistance to conference attendance, research visits, and community engagement.

Applications must be for activities that are undertaken with funds expended in 2024.

Download a copy of the application forms below for more information on the schemes, including eligibility criteria, assessment and report requirements. 

Questions and/or completed applications may be directed to the Office of Aboriginal Leadership and Strategy.

Please note: Grants are subject to change and are awarded based on conditions current at the time of award.