The university offers a comprehensive range of services to deliver an excellent standard of social and pastoral support for students and to ensure that students enjoy being part of the unique community at the University of South Australia.  

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Campus Central is your one-stop-shop for almost all student services and matters of student administration.  They can assist you if you have questions about any aspect of student life, from enrolment through to graduation. They have offices and staff on each campus who are available to answer your questions and to help make your life at university easier.  They can also make an appointment for you to see a specialist in any of the following services:

  • Study support
  • International student support
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services
  • Career Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Disability Services

Contact Campus Central

Advocates are trained in providing advice and advocacy to students on a range of issues. Advocates have particular expertise in implementing students' rights in the areas of academic and educational complaints.  Some of the complaints and issues we can assist students with are:

  • Requests for remarking and resubmissions
  • Appeals against allegations of academic misconduct (including plagiarism)
  • Advice regarding University policy
  • Appeals against final grades
  • Appeals against intention to preclude
  • Appeals against allegations of examination misconduct
  • Issues with lecturers
  • Referral to other services inside and outside of the University

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If you are feeling stressed about an issue and are uncertain of the best way to manage your reactions, you may make an appointment with a Counsellor in the Student Engagement Unit.  A Counsellor can listen to your concerns and assist you with managing the emotional impact of the issue on your studies and wellbeing.  Although Counsellors can provide you with support, they do not play a role in advocating on your behalf as a student.

Counsellors are located on each metropolitan campus and can assist students with a wide range of issues.

Contact Campus Central to make an appointment with a Counsellor

UniSA provides a range of services for students and staff to minimise the impact of disability or medical conditions on their ability to work and study.  Disability Services are provided in a sensitive and confidential manner, on an individual basis depending on individuals’ needs.  Support may include a range of specialised services such as sign language interpreting, alternative format print material and loan equipment.

Contact Campus Central to make an appointment with a Disability Adviser

UniSA is committed to closing the gap for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students. Indigenous Academic Advisors are available on each of our campuses to provide advice and support and connect you with key services.

Get in touch through Campus Central

The Study Support team can help you with your study or assignments and give you the skills, information and support to succeed at UniSA.  They have developed a range of online resources, workshops and learning support services, all aimed at helping you through your courses and assessments.  If the online resources have not fully answered your study questions, you can speak with a Learning Adviser. 

There are drop-ins available on every campus to meet with a Learning Adviser to get some personalised advice about your study needs or you may Contact Campus Central to make an appointment.

Student Advisers (International) are available to help give you the best possible experience at UniSA. If you would like to speak to someone with specialised knowledge of the issues facing international students, then please get in touch by:

  • sending us an email:
  • dropping in at Campus Central - if a Student Adviser (International) is available you can have a quick 15-minute appointment on the spot or, if not, then a more suitable time can be arranged.
  • making a booking to see a Student Adviser (International) by contacting Campus Central

Equity contacts play a vital role in helping provide a safe working and learning environment, free from discrimination and harassment, for staff and students at the University.  Their job is to be the first point of contact when you believe that you have experienced unlawful discrimination or harassment under the legislation. They will provide you with advice on how the complaint procedures work, help you look at a range of options to deal with the situation, provide support and, if needed, direct you to the relevant person who will take your complaint and begin the investigation process.

Contact HR Services on (08) 8302 1700 for further information.

The Student Ombud is an academic staff member of the University who is authorised to conduct enquiries and take action to resolve complaints raised by students under the Student Complaints Resolution. 

The role of the Student Ombud is to ensure that all students receive fair and equitable treatment within the University of South Australia.  The Student Ombud is there to provide advice and, if appropriate, independently investigate your complaint to determine whether you have been treated fairly and that all the correct policies and procedures have been followed.  Although part of the University, the Student Ombud is independent and impartial.

With the exception of complaints about bullying, discrimination or harassment, the Student Ombud will normally only intervene in a complaint when all other avenues for resolution have been exhausted. However any party to a complaint may seek advice from the Student Ombud at any stage.

Find out more information about the [Student Ombud].