UniSA Legal

UniSA Legal provides a comprehensive suite of legal services to UniSA staff on all aspects of UniSA's operations, including:

  • Contracts, Tenders, Memorandum of Understanding
  • Legislative interpretation
  • Funding and grant arrangements, including research
  • Collaboarations
  • Intellectual property, including registering Trade Marks
  • Employment and industrial issues
  • Competitions
  • Estate matters related to bequests to UniSA
  • Commercialisation and licencing
  • Real property transactions including sale, purchase and leasing transactions
  • Student complaints and appeals
  • Litigation and disputes,
  • Assistance with interpretation of, and compliance with, UniSA statutes, by-laws and policies.
  • Advice on matters which have or may have legal implications for the UniSA Legal does not provide legal advice on personal matters

Unless acting on behalf of UniSA, students seeking legal advice should contact USASA, consult UniSA's Student Ombud or Legal Advice Clinic operated by the UniSA Law School.