Honour Board:

Vice Chancellor's Awards for Professional Staff Excellence

2019 award recipients

Team Recipients

ORCiD Integration Project Team Innovation in Infrastructure for playing a crucial role in ensuring the publications and profiles of UniSA researchers are visible and accessible to a global audience.
Team members: James Moyon, Steven Yeend, Ann Morgan, Tracy Quixley, Kate Sergeant, Cathy Mahar, Dr Daniela Nastasie, John Banbury, Adam Fedornak and Ryan Brown.

Future Industries Accelerator Team (FIA) Industry and Community Engagement for providing funding for South Australian industry to access UniSA's infrastructure and expertise, supporting local companies by creating high-value jobs and accelerating revenue growth.
Team members: Mark Saunders, Hannah Saldaris, Dr Euan Smith, Dr Chris Desire, Dr Richmond Asamoah, Paul Luppino, Sarah Surman and Marina Lewis.

AnDe College Project Global Impact for overseeing the partnership between UniSA and X'ian University of Architecture and Technology (XAUAT) to establish AnDe College in China, which has helped to enrich UniSA's profile globally and created a mutually beneficial relationship with XAUAT.
Team members: Nelson NG, Mary McEwin, Renee Kelly, Cristina Garcia, Danijela Prso, Angela Brazenall, Gianna Vapore, Zoe Zweck, Linde Averay, Samantha Colliver, Alice Whiteway, Ai Xin and Laura King.

Individual Recipients

Daryl McMahon, Partner Engagement Manager: Internships, UniSA Business Industry and Community Engagement for growing the UniSA Business School Internship Program portfolio, building a strong reputation for UniSA where we are now recognised as the partner of choice in South Australia for business interns.

2018 award recipients

Team Recipients

MOD. Development and Launch Team Industry and Community Engagement for the launch of MOD.
Team members: Dr Kristin Alford, Anika Johnstone, Simon Loffler, Daniel Lawrence, Dr Dylan DeLosAngeles, Becci Love, Rosie McKee, Leanne Cotter, Lucie Keightley, Kiah Buckskin-James, Peter Adams, Naomi Dallenogare, Daniella Cappelluti, Christina Coleiro, Dominic Marafioti, Brett Heritage, Morris Ewings, Paul Doherty.

SAS Admissions and CMK Digital Marketing Team Industry and Community Engagement for the work undertaken collaboratively to fulfil the higher education admission transparency requirements.
Team members: Kim Murphy, Hayes Yeung, Brian Quick, Adam Wolf.

Individual Recipients

Milan Mili, UniSA Business School Concierge for Service Excellence Culture. 


2017 award recipients

Team Recipients

Recruitment Central Team Service Excellence Culture for providing outstanding service both inside and outside the university with streamlining the recruitment process and hiring the great new people we want at UniSA.
Team members: Michelle de Pasquale, Katrina Gillespie, Chloe Juniper, Miranda McDonald, Jade Windsor, Sarah Hart, Julie Bennett, Linda Burlison, Georgie Hart, Vanessa Detmar, Belinda Angus, Carey Singlewood, Amruta Das, Sarah Doyle and Lisa Whiley-Smith.

UniSA Online Project Team Innovation in Infrastructure for establishing a complete new business specifically for online learning, dedicated to delivering high quality programs and support services in a fully online mode.
Team members: Clare Caruana, Sophie Then, Kirsten James, Sarah Cutbush, Richard Lamb, Tony Dalwood and Girish Chauhan.

UniSA Cancer Research Institute Construction Team Innovation in Infrastructure for the delivery of the largest capital project in UniSA’s history, the UniSA Cancer Research Institute.
Team members: Christina Coleiro, Craig Hackney, Perry Solomon, Aida Stabile, Wayne Shore, Stephen Keech, Yen May Tang, Brett Heritage, David Sanderson, Marek Pokorny, Paul Doherty, Morris Ewings, Jos Petek, Thong Chau, Rob Lustri, Dominic Marafioti and Pauline Middleton

Individual Recipients

Richard Bennett, Technical Services Manager, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences Innovation in Infrastructure for his pivotal involvement in the design and implementation of a significant part of the infrastructure project of the UniSA Cancer Research Institute, establishing a new undergraduate chemistry laboratory in the Hetzel Building, and for planning and implementing the move out of the Reid Building. 


2016 award recipients

Team recipients

Oral Defence of the PhD Project Service Excellence Culture for delivering a fully developed process for conducting oral defence examinations for PhD students allowing students the opportunity to engage with international experts in their discipline.
Team members: (RIS) Jenni Critcher, Katy Dolman, Sharon Scott, (HSC) Ryan McEachen, (SAS) Stella Tabor, (RIS) Sarah Armour, Le Bui, (ISTS) Marek Pokorny, Morris Ewings, Daniel Caruana, (SAS) Michelle Brereton, Rachel Bageas, Emma Hughes

Internal Admissions Transformation Project: Studylink Service Excellence Culture for revolutionising UniSA's international application and admissions process to better deliver its services to prospective students and to meet international student recruitment targets.
Team members: (UI) Aleicia Shekhar, (OSP) Mark Williams, (ISTS) Girish Chauhan, James Imgraben, (SAS) Matt Barton, (UI) Laura King, Brian Pike, Tony Palatianos, Kelly Haby

Campus Central Quality Management Team Service Excellence Culture for the successful development and implementation of the Quality Management Framework (QMF) which enables cross-campus collaboration and ongoing skills development to make sure that students consistently receive a quality service experience.
Team members: (SAS) Paul Williams, Matt Golotta, Aste Corbridge, Jamie Ryan, Renee Perchard, Prabjit Sandhu, Steve Anderson, Vanessa Matthews

Captain's Pick

Superb effort by UniSA staff during the blackout
The Captain's Pick acknowledges superb effort performed by the staff of UniSA both professional and academic on 28 September 2016 during the blackout. Despite an extraordinary loss of power that shut down the whole state, the people who work for UniSA performed to the absolute best of their abilities ensuring the personal safety of colleagues and friends. Special mention to CMK, FMU and ISTS who calmly and methodically went to work to make sure that communications ran smoothly, there were no injuries to people and the university infrastructure sustained no damage.


2015 award recipients

Individual recipients

Elke Seretis (Ehrenberg Bass Institute) Global Impact for raising the profile of UniSA internationally through the establishment and development of the Ehrenberg Bass Institute International Advisory Boards.

Paula Fitzsimons (ITEE) Inspirational Leadership for her leadership role in the transition of the University's aviation programs.

Jodie Quilliam (School of Health Sciences) Industry and Community Engagement for developing sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with industry to support the delivery of student placements.

Sarah-Jane Branford (EASS) Service Excellence Culture for improving student outcomes through the development of innovative placement programs for early year psychology students.

Team recipients

Learning Analytics Project Team Innovation in Infrastructure for the development of the data rich, user-friendly Learning Analytics dashboards for academic staff.
Team members: (ISTS) Richard Lamb, Jarrod Sharp, Bradley Mack, Rachel Bee, Louise Spencer
(Teaching Innovation Unit) Wayne Pedder, Brian Quick, Patrick Raets, Cassandra Colvin

UniSA Career Services Volunteering Team Industry and Community Engagement for the design and implementation of the Community Connect volunteering program for students.
Team members: (SEU) Froukje Jongsma, Frida Svensson

Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Service Excellence Culture for the comprehensive management and delivery of the University's ERA submission.
Team members: (BIP) Michael Crisp, Matthew Fenech
(BIP/ATN) Rebecca Law

UniSA Department of Rural Health Industry and Community Engagement  for the establishment of successful community development projects under the summer community scholarships program.
Team members: (Whyalla) Mellissa Kruger, Jess Law, Michelle Bochnicek, Rebecca Shammas, Lee Martinez

2014 award recipients

Individual recipients

Greg Giles (Human Resources) for Leading Change 360 degree; culture survey; attributes of enterprising staff.

Gianna Tridente (Office of the Dean:ISER) for Working across boundaries; Support to the Dean ISER and to Indigenous relations.

Michele Cranage (Mt Gambier Campus) for Quality Service; External relations and project support – Mt Gambier.

Team recipients

Teaching Academics Category Implementation (HR) Leading Change Introduction of a 'teaching academic' category in the EA.
Team members : Tina Armiento, Mark Gladigau

Case Management Group (LTU, SAS, FMU) Working across boundaries, Supporting and managing students at risk of harm to themselves or others.
Team members : Nadia Rajic, Narelle Walker, Kate Borrett, Vanessa Matthews, Mark Dorian, Dominic Marafioti, Mary Ann Seow

Honorary Doctorates Team (Chancellery, SAS, CMK) Quality Service, Focus on out of session doctorates.
Team members : Cindy McKee, Vicki Fishers, Vanessa Matthews, Anthony Knoblauch, Michelle Nardelli, Juliet Mazzone, Joanne Gatsios

Research Analytics Project Team (BIP, Library, DVC R&I, HR) Working across boundaries, Research productivity analytics.
Team members : Stuart Ainsworth, Cathy Mahar, Daniel Byrnes, Yuriy Verbitskiy, Tony Cardone, Eric Ho, Amy Boike, Duncan Murray, Sarah Surman

BUE Online Education Designer Team (BUE) Leading Change, Implementation of blended and online learning.
Team members : Tristram Lawson, Sandy Skinner, Cecily Wright, Roger Edmonds


2013 award recipients

Individual recipients

Lesley Grady - Division of ITEE for 'Providing quality service'.

Deanne Hanchant-Nichols - Human Resources for 'Working across boundaries'.

Team recipients

Examinations Team for 'Working Smarter/getting results'.
Team Members: Bernadette Eyre, Cathy Agar, Danealle Swenser-Smith, Michelle Brereton

Graduations and Records Team for 'Providing quality Service'.
Team Members: Harpreet Sandhu, Anthony Knoblauch, Karen Felix, Vanessa Matthews, Lynda Van Den Akker, Sharon Burns

EQUIS Re-Accreditation Project Team for 'Leading Change'.
Team Members: Jade O'Donohue, Sarah Surman, Alicia Lepka, Rachel Gastz, Joanne Kelly


2012 award recipients

Individual recipients

Clare Caruana - Division of ITEE

Kristy Scherer - School of Health Sciences

Team recipients

Quality and Compliance Team
Team members: Tania Beard, Michelle Quilliam, Natalie Grant, Fiona Lazowski, Sue Day, Aimee Weir and Rajendra Pandey

Careers and Alumni
Team members: Jo Slade, Emma Verrall and Adam Norton


2011 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Gail Jackman, Industry Liaison Manager: ANU Hubs and Spokes Project - Division of ITEE for 'Working Across Boundaries'

Team recipients:

Veterans' MATES Administration Team for 'Providing Quality Service'.
Team members: Bill Tyrie and Jane Walford

Clinical Placement Unit (HLS) for 'Working Across Boundaries'.
Team members: Fay Hanns, Carmen Baker, Danealle Swenser-Smith, Deb Hannemann, Lia Nigro, Emma Owens, Bernadette Noonan

Practice Based Laboratories Team for 'Leading Change'.
Team members: Tina Jenkins, Deb Surman, Jasmine Hutchison, Sally Pocock, Louise McGee, Teresa Reid, Peter Gregory, Jenny Shepherd


2010 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Jan Heath, Manager: Academic Library Services (Division of Health Sciences) - Library Services for “Providing Quality Service”.

Nadia Carapella, Acting Manager: Human Resources – Division of ITEE for “Leading Change”.

Mark Gladigau, Manager: Workplace Relations – Human Resources Unit for “Leading Change”.

Team recipients:

Capture and Convert Team for “Providing Quality Service”- Marketing and Development Unit.
Team members: Kolynda Maguire, Ryan Bailey, Edmund Boey, Tony Coppola, Sharna McKenzie and Amy Tran.

Research and Innovation Services Capacity Section for “Providing Quality Service”.
Team members: Maria Zollo, Craig Hill, Kate Greenfield, Cameron Morelli and Melissa Alagich.

Pedal Prix for “Working Across Boundaries” – Marketing and Development Unit.
Team members: Julia Michalakos, Darren McInnes and Alison Leese.

Research and Innovation Cluster Team for “Working Across Boundaries”.
Team members: Janet Dibb-Leigh and Nadine Painter.

Workforce Strategy Dataset Project Team for “Working Across Boundaries, Working Smarter/Getting Results” and Leading Change.
Team members: Sue Mikilewicz, Andrea Matulick, Richard Waddicor, Scott Guy, Corinne Stone, Daniel Byrnes, Tony Dalwood, Tony Cardone and Sally Carpenter.

Career Services Team for “Working Smarter/Getting Results” - Learning and Teaching Unit.
Team members: Troy Dobinson, Lynne Sowerby, Frederick Stokes-Thompson, Tony McAvaney, Mary Power and Matthew Swift.

Senior Staff Recruitment for “Working Smarter/Getting Results” – Human Resources Unit.
Team members: Bernice McGrath, Elizabeth Hutchinson, Michelle Theeuf and Amber Dohnal

Reid Building Flood Emergency Team
Team Members: Mark Dorian, David Applebee and Richard Bennett


2009 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Sarah Collyer- Braham, Coordinator: Global Experience – Division of BUE for “Providing Quality Service”.

Sally Kok, Business Development Manager: International – Division of BUE for “Providing Quality Service”.

Tristana Sidoryn, Coordinator: Student Transition – Division of BUE for “Working Across Boundaries”.

Helen Clark, Finance Officer – School of Nursing and Midwifery for “Working Smarter/Getting Results”.

Team recipients:

AQUA 2009 Writing Partnership for “Working Across Boundaries”.
Team members: Holly McCausland and Greg Giles.

ERA Trial Support Team for “Working Across Boundaries”.
Team members: Sally Carpenter, Michael Crisp, Emma Stoddart, Mary Mendrin, Angelica Healey, Jarrod Sharp, Ryan Bartsch, James Moyon, Jenny Quilliam, Kate Sergeant and Zakir Hossain.

Prospective Student CRM Team / The 1 to 1 Project for “Working Smarter/Getting Results”.
Team members: Sharna McKenzie, Darren McInnes, Amy Tran, Jenny Clift, Carly Hocking, Rebecca Graeber, Kerry Purtle, Corey Wade, Ryan Bailey, Kolynda Maguire, Tahnee Blight and Lana Pearce.

Transnational Support Services Exit Team (BUE) for “Leading Change”.
Team members: Mary McEwin, Renee Kavanagh and Cate McKenzie

External Examinations Team for “Working Smarter/Getting Results”.
Team members: Annika Danielsson, Cathy Agar, Kim Clark and Emma Hughes.

Open Day Team – Domestic Student Recruitment for “Providing Quality Services”.
Team members: Ryan Bailey, Amy Tran, Darren McInnes, Kolynda Maguire, Tahnee Blight, Lana Pearce, Rebecca Graeber, Kerry Purtle, Corey Wade, Sharna McKenzie, Edmund Boey, Judy Sykes, Sheila Bailey, Andrew Bailey, Daniel Lawrance, Francis Chan and Son Chhoy.

Division of Business IT Support (BUE-IT) for “Providing Quality Services”.
Team members: Shawn Carpenter, Rebecca Wang, Lisa Cortez, Mandy Towler, Miranda Trewren, Simon Clarke, Tony Mullord, Nick Thomas, Chris Borgardt, Duane Ferguson and Luis Sanguesa


2008 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Hayley-Maree Ewbank, Administrative Officer, Spencer Gulf Rural Health School for “Providing Quality Service”.

Rachael Penning-Bourne, Sansom Institute Business Coordinator, Sansom Institute, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences for “Working Across Boundaries”.

Christine Cother, Manager Access & Enquiry Services, Library for “Working Smarter/Getting Results”.

Anna Russo, Chancellery: Academic for “Leading Change”.

Cathy Hughes, Manager, Mount Gambier Regional Centre for “Leading Change”.

Individual - special commendations:

Mark Gladigau, Manager: Workplace Relations, Human Resources Unit

Nicole McConnell, IT Officer, School of Health Sciences

Ada Lester, Solicitor, Research and Innovation

Vanessa Eley, Academic Support Officer, School of Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering

Hazel Ryder, Administrative Officer – PA to Head of School (Art)

Mark Walford, Technical Officer, School of Advance Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering

Team recipients:

School of Commerce OUA Professional Staff Team for “Providing Quality Service”.
Team members: Julie Warnes, Alison Scrimgeour and Robyn Mundy.

Mainstreaming of OUA Operations at UniSA for “Working Across Boundaries”.
Team members: Sue Armes, Barb Murphy, Margaret Curd and Jason Dolan.

University Timetable Project Team for “Working Across Boundaries”.
Team members: Sarah Merkel, Lyn Naulty, David Adams, Louisa Armstrong, Paul White and Lyn Nipperess.

Student Systems Upgrade Project Management Team for “Working Across Boundaries”.
Team members: Lohlan Lee, Jason Dolan, Nikki Gaertner Eaton, Karl Sellmann, Tony Cardone, Jane Wuttke and Heather Barnes.

Building Identity, Engagement and Recognition for “Working Smarter/Getting Results”.
Team members: Rebecca Sewell, Barbara McFarlane, Karen O’Callaghan, Ben Peterson, Bethany Smith, Emma Widdison and Deborah Williams.

Campus Central Team Leaders for “Leading Change”.
Team members: Michael Lentakis, Melissah Williamson, Bianca Kovacic, Ben Evens and Sue Armes.

Team - Special Commendations

Business International Recruitment Team
Team members: Sally Kok, Ai Xin, John Kweh, Laifong Cheong and Joanna Lui.

Division of Health Sciences Business Development Unit
Team members Dr Wayne Harvey, Madeleine Malle, Chris Moylan, Michelle Fuhlendorff and Joanne Harrison.

E-Reader Team
Team members: Kate Sergeant, Marilyn Fraser, Christopher Franks, Belinda Hoare, Helen Minerds, Steve Richardson and Liz Thornhill.

Student Administration Team
Team members: Alison Brown, Amanda Ladegourdie and Kim Holla.

BUEDB Consolidated Timetable Team
Team members: Lianne Gore, Renee Kavanagh, Brooke Avory and Jade O’Donohue.


2007 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Julie Hockey, Manager, Academic Library Services, Division of Business for Providing Quality Service.

Rongyu Li, Business Development Manager, Division of Health Sciences for Providing Quality Service.

Dr Sally Nimon, Business Analyst: Market Research, Planning and Assurance Services for Providing Quality Service.

Jackie Cornell, Academic Support Officer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Division of Health Sciences for Working Smarter/Getting Results.

David Cox, EQUIS Project Director, Division of Business for Leading Change.

Team recipients:

The Law School Establishment Team for 'Providing Quality Service'.
Team members: Leanne Steele, Tania Kanellos, Cindy Schofield, Dawn Le Cornu, Annabel Mansfield, and Louise Seaman.

The RQF Support Team for Working Across Boundaries.
Team members: Sally Carpenter, Michael Crisp, Jemma Turner, Clare Cobb, Emma Stoddart, Kylie Aston, and Darren Townsend.

The ISTS Workforce Development Team for Working Smarter/Getting Results.
Team members: Susan Loveday, Kate Dyson-Smith, Anne Petrie, Anna Assiotis, Helen Goode, and Jo Tonkin.

The School of Nursing and Midwifery Program Administration Officer Team for Working Smarter/Getting Results.
Team members: Jessica Lepore, Anna Van Gasteren, Tim Brooke-Smith, and Zoe Blackman.


2006 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Louise Carnell (Hawke Centre) for excellence in 'providing quality service'.

Duncan Murray (Planning & Assurance Services) for excellence in 'working across boundaries'.

Shaun O'Sullivan (School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences) for excellence in 'leading change'.

Team recipients:

Organisational Learning & Development Team for excellence in 'leading change'.
Team members: Greg Giles, Kath Higgins, Lyn Browning, Megan De Lacy & Siobhan Langan

Team Dynamic - School Office, School of Nursing & Midwifery for excellence in 'providing quality service'.
Team members: Ingrid Kaminski, Lin Ung, Jade Fechner, Luke Hutchinson, Helen Clark, Jacqueline Cornell, Jacqui Howard, Carmen Baker, Shellee Harradine & Katie Milochas

Cultural Awareness Professional Support Team - Spencer Gulf Rural Health School for excellence in 'providing quality service' and 'working across boundaries'.
Team members: Kym Thomas and Patricia Sketchley

10 Gen Project Team for excellence in 'working smarter and getting results'.
Team members: Andrew McIver, David Thomas, Jarrod Sayers, Mark Opperman, Chris Ford, Ryan Preece, Jon Marshallsay & Mike Stuart


2005 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Kathryn Prohaska (IWRI) for 'providing quality service'.

Cathy Hughes (Centre for Regional Engagement Mt Gambier) for 'working across boundaries'.

Team recipients:

Aviation Academy Systems Re-engineering Team for 'working smarter/getting results'.
Team members: Heather Ryland, Frank Pellas, Janice Ortolan, Jo-Anne Holmes, Chris Jones

School of Management, Student and Program Administration Team for 'working smarter/getting results'.
Team members: Pamela Werchon, Tina Morganella, Jessica Lepore, Kellie Willason, Meegan Lucas, Jennie Connor

Student Portal Project for 'working across boundaries'.
Team members: Loh Lan Lee, John Bosnakis, Richard Lamb, Tony Cardone, Damien Ellis, David Gardiner, Graeme Poole, Mark Nading, Toni Bedford, Sue Lo Basso, Jenny Quilliam, Siang Tay, Andrew Beveridge, Lianne Gore, Mark Wittervan, Steve Sara

2005 Tour Down Under Organising Committee for 'working across boundaries'.
Team members: David Walters, Yvonne Clark, Annabel Mansfield, Michele Nardelli, Jenny Clift, Emma Masters, Siang Tay, Carly Hocking, Shelly Murphy, Jeff Kasparian, Sabine Dathe

Blueprint 2005 Team for 'working across boundaries'.
Team members: Christina Coleiro, Sarah Lynds, Lex Rogers, Robert Lustri, Yen May Tang, Nik Zarucki, Timothy Menadue, Brenda Stephens, Christy Martin, Phil Clatworthy, Grant Semmler, Dominic Marafioti


2004 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Sue Mikilewicz for Leading Change.

Ann Samra for providing Quality Service.

Corinne Stone for Building Bridges.

Team recipients:

ISO Quality Team for Working Smarter / Getting Results.

ISU Summer Session Program 2004 Project Team for Building Bridges.

AUQA Audit Support Team for Providing Quality Service.

UniSA News, The Graduate and Students @UniSA Editorial Team for Working Smarter / Getting Results.


2003 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Maria Arena

Stephen Manson

Lyn Tagg


Team recipients:

Sharron Zuodar, Anthony Abela, Katrina Haskey, Nigel Poland, Elizabeth Thornhill, Rick Treadrea

International Prospective Students Recruitment Team
Team members: Liz Stinson, Mark Leslie, Sally Kok, Deb Jarc, Virginia Pattingale, Pauline Mulberry, Tracey Davies, Sara Pazell, Bronwen Webb, Chris Haas, Juris Wulfius, Brad Williams, Lyn McEvoy, Angela Mules, Belinda Penhall, Betty Maoutsidis, Christopher Gill, Christina Penhall, Colleen Farr, Debbie Paovic, Diane Davies, Emma Laurence, Jane Burow, Jenny Arkun, Joseph Anthonysz, John Dalston, Karen Nelson, Laura King, Lina Gazzola, Lisa Vann, Marina Barbaro, Nerida Ewart, Nina Paleologos, Penny Richards, Sue Day, Tania Hoile, Tosha Bradley, Vanessa Francesca and Vinnie Abbott

UniSA Nightline Team
Team members: Chris Cox, David Hensworth, Seaneen Hardy


2002 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Sally Carpenter

Trevor Christofis

Pat Watson

Team recipients:

Integrated Library Management System Team
Team members: Margareta Nicholas, Elizabeth Collins, Irene Doskatsch, Heather Dutney, Matthew Hooper, Mervyn Islip, Marcia Lohe, Daniela Nastasie, Tania Pugh, Juli Pullman, Jenny Quilliam, Fiona Thomson, Arne van Zijl, Roy Worthington

The Medici Project Management Team
Team members: Lohlan Lee and Judy Szekeres

The Experiencebank Team
Team members: Lorraine Connor, Stephen Jeisman, David Walters, Simon Matthias, Adam Barclay


2001 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Nerida Ewart, Coordinator: Marketing and Alumni, Division of Business and Enterprise

Erma Ranieri, Client Services: Team Leader, Human Resources

Sandra Ray, Executive Officer, Ian Wark Research Institute

Jason Watson, Legal Officer, Research Services

Team recipients:

Brain Drain 1 & 2
Team members: Gerry Clarke, Yvonne Clarke, Shona Hughes, Chris Gill, Kathy Dodds, Sheila Bailey, Kylie Pinnington, Rosemary Luke, Jurius Wulfius and Dianne Van Eck

Client Services, ITSU & Property Unit Project Managers
Team members: Mike Ashley, Matt Eden, Son Chhoy, David Higgs, Ben Maddock, Francis Chan, Peter Hastings, Michael Heath, Michael Ayliffe, Ray Stradwick, Henry Sukhinin, Sandro Parisi, Ronan Bernard, Mark Lovell, Jeannie Pope, Christina Coleiro and Sara Lynds

Division of BUE IT
Team members: Ann Thomas, Shawn Carpenter, Troy Schuster, Angelo Pace, Rebecca Wang, Martin Whiteside and Damien Haese

Information Search Methods Project
Team members: Sherron Hunter, Carole Gibbs, Stephen Leahy and Irene Doskatsch


2000 award recipients

Individual recipients:

Lachlan Murdoch, Senior Information Analyst, Planning Unit.

Deborah Sayers, Secretary to the Dean of Education and Dean of Research Degrees, Education, Arts and Social Sciences Division Office.

Stephen Rocky Stone, Manager: Services and Systems, Information Technology Services.

Team recipients:

Open Day Committee
Team members: Tracy McCabe, Jenni Jobbins, Patricia Zoia, Gary Frost, Shona Hughes, Sue Jenkin, Emma Laurence, Sandy Todd, Dianne van Eck, Julie Charbonneau, Kolynda Maguire, Dawn Walker, David Walters, Stephanie Roberts, Adrienne Nieuwenhuis and Adele Scott

Street Science Planning Team
Team members: Frank Pellas, Cheryl Barnett, Carolyn Bellamy, Moira Lawler and Gary Frost

FLC Online Services Team
Team members: Dale Wache, Steve Sara and Dat Pham.