Student Feedback and Complaints

Feedback and Suggestions

The feedback you provide makes a real difference at UniSA and is vital for channeling new ideas into the experience we offer both now and in the future.

UniSA Services and Facilities

Provide direct and immediate feedback on UniSA services and facilities.

We're Listening

Information about formal student evaluation activities at UniSA.

Course and Teaching Feedback

An overview of the processes for providing course and teaching feedback.

Make a suggestion

Share your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve the student experience at UniSA.


Refer to the following online resources for further information on the complaints process and available support.

Making a complaint

An overview of the processes when seeking a formal investigation and response from the University.

Academic Review

A link to the Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual if you are seeking a review of an academic decision

Report an incident of sexual assault or harassment

Click here to report an incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment or to find information about emergency help, getting support and providing support.

Policies and Procedures

Links to policies and procedures related to the complaints resolution process.

Support for you

A list of the services available to you, for advice and support around the complaints process.