Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment

UniSA is committed to a safe, respectful and inclusive culture in which all students and staff are valued. This means we have zero tolerance for sexual assault or sexual harassment and are continually striving to improve our prevention programs and support services. If you, or someone you know, has been affected by an incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment, support is always available.

Emergency Help

  • Information on who to contact in the case of an emergency
  • Includes information on who to contact if you need need urgent medical help

Deciding what to do next

  • Information to help you decide what you would like to do next
  • Includes options for reporting an incident to UniSA or the Police

Online training

Training is a key part of the University’s zero tolerance approach to sexual assault and sexual harassment and is part of a range of initiatives designed to strengthen the University’s culture, policies and practices.

Getting Support

  • Talk to someone
  • Find the support that is right for you
  • Information about counselling and other health services

Providing Support

  • Guidelines for providing initial assistance and support to someone who tells you they have been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed

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