Potential outcomes of disclosures or reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment

If a student has been found to have behaved in a manner that breaches University policies, procedures, statutes, bylaws or Code of Conduct, one or more of the following penalties may apply:

  • a formal reprimand and/or caution;
  • compulsory completion of a relevant training program and meeting with a Counsellor or relevant support service;
  • enrolment restrictions and conditions. This may include cancellation or suspension of a student’s enrolment;
  • immediate expulsion from the University.

Where appropriate, and agreed to by the student complainant and the student respondent, one or more of the following restorative actions may be applied:

  • provision of a written apology by the respondent to the complainant;
  • facilitated conversation between the complainant and the respondent that seeks to acknowledge harm, promote repair and understanding while preserving the safety and dignity of all parties.

In the event that allegations of sexual assault or sexual harassment against a staff member are substantiated the outcome will be determined in accordance with Clause 60.16 of the Enterprise Agreement and Clause 24 of the Senior Staff Collective Agreement.

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