Emergency Help

Have you been sexually assaulted?

Are you safe?

If you feel you are still at risk or think that others may be at risk:


Call Campus Security

  • Call 1800 500 911 (24-hours, free call)
  • Call 88888 from internal University telephones
  • Use a security phone: Several locations on all campuses are equipped with emergency wall phones for direct contact with security staff. These are distinguished by a sign overhead and will automatically dial security.


  • Call 000 to contact the state Emergency Services (Police, Fire, and Ambulance). 
  • In non-emergency situations, you can also contact the Police on 131 444.

Travelling Overseas

UniSA has partnered with International SOS to offer our staff and students medical, safety and security advice, referrals, emotional support and routine & emergency assistance when travelling or living abroad. 

Do you need urgent medical help?

  • Call for an ambulance - 000
  • If you do not require emergency treatment, it is best not to call an ambulance.
  • You may decide to go to Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service (24 hours/7 days a week) or go to Accident and Emergency by taxi or Uber.
  • Click here for information on further crisis services and resources options. 

If you are not at further risk…

  • Find somewhere safe and warm as you may be in shock.  If you can, phone a family member or a friend to come to you. 
  • If possible don’t drink, eat, wash, smoke, brush your teeth, urinate or change your clothes until you decide what you want to do next.  This will be helpful if you want to report the sexual assault to police and need to have a forensic medical examination.  Visit the Yarrow Place website for more information on seeking medical help after sexual assault.
  • Keep any used condom or bedding in a clean paper bag if possible as paper bags are better for preserving forensic evidence.

If you are thinking of reporting to the police, you can choose to have a forensic medical examination through Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service.  This examination is most useful within 72 hours of the rape or sexual assault.  If you live in a country area, this service is offered by Country Health SA at your general hospital.  Contact your local police for further details.