'Psyched up for study'

This season takes a look at study from a psychological perspective. Join Psychology placement student Ashley and Study Help PAL leaders Cassie, Kaitlyn and Sealvili as they unpack what it means to study ‘well’.

Get insider tips from current students and experts on:

  • how to harness relaxation
  • connection whilst in isolation
  • sleep habits to improve performance
  • strategies for enhancing your memory
  • the highs and lows of stress

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EPISODE 1: Zone out to zone in on study


Relax and study – is that even possible?  In this episode, you’ll hear from current students and expert Dr. Georgina Heath (Program Director: Undergraduate Psychology Programs) as they unpack the concept of relaxation from a study perspective. Listen for tips and strategies to help you integrate relaxation into your study life. 

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EPISODE 2: Keep connected even while apart

Social connection is proven to be a motivator when it comes to study. But how can we as students develop connection in the first place? This episode takes a closer look at the concept of isolation and provides tips and strategies to help you feel better connected while you study.  Hear insights, tips and strategies from current UniSA students as well as batyr.

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EPISODE 3: Uni – don’t lose sleep over it

Sleep is something we all dream about, particularly when large assignments are due and when exams are on. Many of us will sacrifice sleep to get more study done, but do we really know the impact this has on our performance?  Hear from current students as well as UniSA sleep specialist Dr. Alex Agostini as they talk about this important topic. If you snooze, will you lose? Find out!

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EPISODE 4: Remember! Study smarter, not harder 

Memory plays a crucial role in our ability to learn new things, and we are often tested on it during exams and quizzes. So, is there a trick to remembering what we learn?  How do we retain information, and what can we do to prepare for upcoming exams? Listen to UniSA’s memory expert Dr. Alex Chatburn as well as current students as they talk about research, tips and strategies for improving your memory.

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EPISODE 5: Stressbusters 101

Stress – you’ll probably say it’s synonymous with study, right? But did you know it can actually be good for you too? Listen to current UniSA students and Dr. Georgina Heath (Program Director: Undergraduate Psychology Programs) as they talk about stress, its benefits and the negative triggers to look out for.  Also hear about where you can get help if the stress gets that little bit too much.

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Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson is in her final year of a Bachelor of Psychology at UniSA and has also completed a number of Creative Writing courses along the way.  Ashley is an aspiring Australian writer who explores humanity through narrative. Passionate about the creative industries, Ashley is developing skills to create anything from podcasts, short stories, to long form fiction and comic strips. Her Psychology placement with the Student Engagement Unit has provided her with an opportunity to showcase her podcasting talents while focusing on topics relevant to her degree.

Cassie Warren

Cassie has just completed her Bachelor of Business (Innovation and Entrepreneurship). For the past 2 years, she has found her time volunteering and leading in the Study Help PALS program to be incredibly fulfilling. Cassie is passionate about working with local communities and she loves trying new things!

Kaitlyn Kerr

Kaitlyn is in her fourth year of a double degree in a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Psychology at the City West and Magill campuses. She also works as a Study Help PALS leader and volunteers as a UniMentor, both of which have been a great experience. Kaitlyn often spends time studying or hanging out with friends in the Library and the Law building.

Sealvili Ilangovan

Sealvili (also known as Seal) is in her final semester of a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree at UniSA City West campus. She spends most of her time assisting various volunteer and academic assistance groups on campus via programs such as PASS and Study Help PALS. She enjoys socialising with her peers especially over coffee and has a passion for cooking during her free time.

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This podcast is a collaboration between the Student Engagement Unit (SEU) and current students at UniSA.

The opinions expressed in the Study Room podcast are that of the hosts and/or guest speakers.  They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all students or staff at UniSA.

  • Hosts: Ashley Thompson, Cassie Warren, Kaitlyn Kerr, Sealvili Ilangovan
  • Executive Producers: Kirstin Marks & Zorka Simic
  • Producer: Zorka Simic
  • Editors: Ashley Thompson & Zorka Simic
  • Technical support: Philip Van Hout
  • Promotions: Ivy-Lee Nguyen & Ethan Haylock
  • Original artwork: Isabella Whittaker (2021 adaptation by Ivy-Lee Nguyen)
  • Guest speakers (experts): Dr Alex Agostini (Sleep), Dr Alex Chatburn (Memory), Dr Georgina Heath (Relaxation & stress), Marta Mlot & William Carter (Connection)
  • Guest speakers (students): Aleth Omega, Catherine Roberts, Jason Burgess, Lauren Wisgard, Matilda Eime, Simone Beeson, Theresa Simons

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