What is ergonomics you ask? Put simply, it’s making sure your study environment is set up in a way that is good for your health.

Sitting at a computer all day is not something our ancestors did. Our bodies weren’t made for it, and it is important to set up good workspace ergonomics, or else you might find yourself with back problems or muscle strain injuries.

Avoiding the hazards of sitting at your computer

Try these tips to make sure you are looking after yourself while studying, particularly at a computer.

  • Don’t sit too long in one position
  • Take adequate breaks
  • Set up your workstation well: have your computer screen at eye level, make sure you’ve got your seat height right, with your feet comfortably on the floor
  • Have good posture: make sure you sit up straight with your shoulders back
  • Avoid repetitive movements
  • Minimise glare and reflections. Use a blue light filter on your electronic devices where possible
  • Don’t stare at the screen for too long. Take ‘eye’ breaks where you focus on something in the distance for a while
  • You might like to try out a standing desk or an ergonomic chair

UniSA is committed to offering you a safe study environment. If you have any questions or suggestions about improving the ergonomics of uni life, contact Campus Central.

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