Healthy Eating

University life can be a busy time, trying to balance study, exams, social interactions and work commitments. Often nutrition can be overlooked or of low priority to students. 

This information is designed to help students at UniSA to make the best decisions to support healthy eating both on and off campus. A healthy diet provides many amazing benefits that can assist in maintaining energy levels, concentration and a healthy body weight. 

Making healthy food choices doesn’t have to be complicated, boring or expensive. The information and resources below will help you to make these choices simple, inexpensive and enjoyable.

View the complete Healthy Eating Guide created by UniSA student Konstance Nicolopoulos.

Cooking Hacks

Finding time and inspiration to prepare regular meals can be daunting while juggling study, but it's integral to ensuring your top academic performance.

Shopping Hacks

Did you know Australians discard up to 20% of the food they purchase? Check out these simple shopping hacks to save yourself your food, time and money.

Storage Hacks

Check out these simple storage hacks to streamline both your energy and food expenses.

How Much Water Should You Drink & Why?

It’s no secret you should be drinking water, but here are some simple facts on how much you should drink, and why, to put the necessity into perspective.

Facilities on Campus

There are plenty of spaces on campus to help you facilitate healthy and satisfying eating. Here’s how to take advantage of their full potential.

Hear From the Experts

We’ve asked UniSA’s experts in nutrition to consider the big diet confusion and put us on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

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