Facilities on Campus

There are plenty of spaces on campus to help you facilitate healthy and satisfying eating. Here’s how to take advantage of their full potential.

  • The food outlets on campus offer a variety of meals with a range of healthy options, and both City East and City West are close to Adelaide’s CBD, where a huge range of cost effective and healthy meals can also be purchased.

  • But, if you want to avoid buying food, bring small snacks and prepared meals such as leftovers from home instead.

  • Options such as fruit, tuna, beans and sandwiches can be placed straight into your bag, and prepared meals can be easily placed into a cooler bag with a few ice packs in order to keep cool.

  • Additionally, UniSA also provides microwaves, sandwich presses, outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s at all campuses, along with a student lounge at City West. You can use these fully equipped cooking facilities to prepare the food you’ve brought from home.

  • Cooking on campus also provides a sense of ‘placemaking’ which promotes health, happiness and wellbeing.

View the complete Facilities on Campus Guide - Konstance Nicolopolous, a student at UniSA, put these tips and resources together to help other students.

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