How Much Water Should You Drink & Why?

It’s no secret you should be drinking water, but here are some simple facts on how much you should drink, and why, to put the necessity into perspective.

  • Water is defined as an essential nutrient as it is required in amounts that exceed the body’s ability to produce it.

  • It accounts for 50-80% of body weight, and daily water needs depend on body size, activity level, the weather and types of food and drinks consumed.

  • There is no single level of water intake that would ensure hydration, however an adequate intake of 2.8L to 3.4L per day for men and women aged 19-50 is recommended.

  • Water plays an important role within the body as all chemical reactions occur in water. It fills the space between cells and helps form molecules such as protein and glycogen.

  • Water is required for digestion, absorption, transportation, eliminating waste and thermoregulation.

  • When you are dehydrated, it can affect your physical and cognitive performance and lead to tiredness, dizziness and headaches.

View the complete Drinking Water Guide - Konstance Nicolopolous, a student at UniSA, put these tips and resources together to help other students.

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