Storage Hacks

Storing leftovers correctly will prevent the contamination of food borne illnesses, and minimise the costs of buying more food. Check out the simple storage hacks below to streamline both your energy and food expenses.

  • Always check date markings on food packages to ensure they are in date.

  • Immediately freeze products that you do not intend to eat before the use-by date.

  • Thaw them at the bottom of the fridge, not on a bench at room temperature.

  • When shopping, get refrigerated and frozen items at the end, and keep your hot and cold foods separate.

  • Ensure the temperature of your fridge is below 5°C.

  • Allow cooked foods to cool to room temperature before storing in the fridge. Divide large portions into shallow dishes to increase the rate of cooling.

  • Store eggs in the fridge to maximise health safety, and prolong shelf life.

  • Store raw meats at the bottom of the fridge to prevent cross contamination.

    And, check out this handy refrigerator storage chart that will help you save electricity, and keep your food fresher for longer.


    View the complete Storage Hacks Guide - Konstance Nicolopolous, a student at UniSA, put these tips and resources together to help other students.

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