Cooking Hacks

Finding time and inspiration to prepare regular meals can be daunting while juggling study, but it’s integral to ensuring your top academic performance. Check out these simple cooking hacks to help keep your health on track.

  • Defrost meats all the way through before cooking to ensure the centre will cook completely.

  • Invest in a microwave oven to save yourself time when you’re reheating already cooked meals, and also when you’re creating tasty new ones.

  • When microwaving foods, always rotate and stir the food during cooking to obtain a more even heat and prevent cold spots. Heat until steaming hot to kill any bacteria which may have grown on the food in the fridge.

  • Invest in a microwave steamer; items such as vegetables and pasta can be cooked using this utensil.

  • Invest in a sandwich press; there are amazing recipes online which can help you cook not only toasties but also grilled vegetables, homemade hash browns and grilled chicken.

  • Invest in a rice cooker; you can not only cook rice using this device but also fried rice, pasta, potatoes and vegetables.

  • Flavour your ramen or two minute noodles with soy sauce and garlic powder rather than the included flavour sachet.

  • Create a healthy breakfast by adding frozen fruit (cheaper than fresh fruit) to your plain porridge or Weetbix.

View the complete Cooking Hacks Guide - Konstance Nicolopolous, a student at UniSA, put these tips and resources together to help other students.

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