Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy can trigger strong and confusing emotions and bring you face to face with some of life’s biggest decisions, especially if your pregnancy is unexpected. If you find yourself in this situation, please feel free to come in for a no-cost, confidential chat with a University counsellor, or visit one of the University’s onsite medical clinics to speak to a General Practitioner (GP) who can help you consider your options.

If you are a student from another country, please know it is acceptable in Australia to talk to a doctor or counsellor about pregnancy or any related matters, such as sex or sexual health, and cultural differences will be respected.

Other sources of help and information

The best way to find out if you’re pregnant is to see a GP who can perform on the spot urine testing, or order further tests. Alternatively, home pregnancy test kits can also be purchased from pharmacies and some supermarkets.

In the early stages you will need to choose either to continue with the pregnancy, continue with the pregnancy and find alternative care for the baby, or terminate the pregnancy. It is also important that you see a GP to help you consider the options available to you. The GP will support you with your decision, whatever that may be in a non-judgemental and caring manner. It goes without saying that this is a very important decision which you should consider carefully.

The University has counsellors and onsite medical clinics with experienced GPs who can help. Please know that you do not have to go through experience alone.

If you decided not to continue with the pregnancy, please speak to a GP or a pharmacist as soon as possible to find out your options.

The University has counsellors and onsite medical clinics with experienced GPs who can help. Please know that you do not have to go through experience alone.

You can also contact the South Australia Abortion and Support Services for more information.

If you decide to become a parent, you will need to organise antenatal care for yourself and the baby. To help you with this, you should make an appointment as soon as possible to see a doctor and discuss care options during your pregnancy. If you have already decided you would like to have your baby in a public hospital call the Pregnancy SA Infoline on 1300 368 820.

The onsite medical clinics in the University are staffed with very experienced GPs who can conduct antenatal shared care to help you with your pregnancy.

Placing your child into alternative care such as with a foster family or for adoption is not an easy decision. While foster care does not have to be a permanent arrangement, adoption is. Therefore, it is important for you to carefully consider all possible options before making a decision. In addition to talking with a counsellor about your choices, the Adoption and Family Information Service (AFIS) can provide you with expert advice and help you to make the best decision taking into account your circumstances. To contact AFIS call (08) 8207 0060 or email adoptions@dfc.sa.gov.au. Further information about alternative care and adoption can also be found at Families SA.

Need further assistance?

The University’s onsite medical clinics staffed by a team of experienced GPs and clinical staff, they can be found at the City East and City West campuses.

Consultations are bulk-billed for students (with a valid student ID), and health care card holders.

For further information, visit their website or call 1300 172 996

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