Healthy Mind

At times, the demands of university can start to feel overwhelming. You might be facing life challenges outside of your studies that can take a toll on your emotional health. If you are struggling to cope with  stress, or you are constantly feeling sad or worried, it’s important that you know the University is here to support you.

Remember that managing mental health is no different to, and no less important than, managing your physical health. So if you are concerned about your mental or emotional wellbeing, it’s vital you seek help early.

If a personal issue starts affecting your studies or you are concerned about your mental wellbeing, the University offers a confidential and free counselling service to all students.

You might also wish to make use of the University’s Psychology Clinic or consult with your treating doctor for help with any mental health concerns. UniSA’s Health Medical Clinic located at UniSA’s City East and City West campuses also offers all students and staff with access to excellent health care by experienced doctors and nurses. If you are a domestic or international student, you will not pay a gap fee when consulting with a doctor at the University’s health and medical clinic.

Managing Stress

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Reducing Anxiety

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Personal Crisis

Seek advice about what to do if you are facing a personal crisis.

Failed an Assignment or Course?

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For many students, university is a time when one’s identity is being forged, and relationships are key to this.


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Kindness Campaign

We’re celebrating kindness within the university community.

Good sources of help

You may find the following external sites helpful.

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