For many students, university is a time when one's identity is being forged, and relationships are key to this. Many of the friends we make at uni will be with us for life. Many people meet their life partner while at university. All of these relationships add to the rich tapestry that is university life.

Good relationships are central to our happiness and wellbeing. In fact, much of our sense of who we are is built in relation to those around us. Our friends, families and partners can be a source of great support and joy. But on the flip side, problems in our relationships can cause us great internal turmoil, which can easily spill out to affect our whole outlook on life.

If you could do with some guidance with your important relationships, come and talk with a UniSA Counsellor. They will be able to offer you support and point you in the direction of some great resources. Relationships Australia is another great counselling service, provided by the government in the interest of helping individuals, families and communities.

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