Kindness Campaign

Why kindness to others is important

Did you know that acts of kindness or even witnessing an act of kindness are directly linked to our health and wellbeing? Research shows that people who regularly engage in acts of kindness with people they know or even a stranger have been found to have higher levels of happiness and overall physical and mental health. Responding to someone we know with compassion and kindness or engaging in random acts of kindness reduces stress, negative emotions like anger and boosts our immune system.

Kindness is contagious – in a good way – and we need your help to make sure it spreads here at UniSA! Help us to shine the light on kindness within our community by sharing a ‘Random Act of Kindness’.

We asked you to finish the sentence: "I can help other students have a better experience at uni by .........."

Here were your suggestions:

  • I believe in paying it forward - whether its car park fee, lunch, help with studies... the list goes on...
    Azmiri Mian

  • Stopping and having a genuine conversation with someone sitting alone, especially on the first week of a semester.
    Natasha Driessen

  • Listening well, encouraging when needed and including anyone left out when picking groups of 3 in a tutorial.
    – Frances Lockhart 

  • Supporting other students by working together and communicating effectively to achieve the best possible outcome. Also using a Uni based group assignment to genuinely get to know and support others students to complete a task.
    – Amber-Rose Smith

  • We can help other students have a better experience at Uni by respecting every individual and keeping a friendly clean environment.
    Asad Mohammadi

  • Engaging them in activities to create a sense of community and support network for all!
    – Eerin Louisa

Check out the video below to see why it’s important to be kind to others.