Direct Mail (DM) and Electronic Direct Mail (eDM) 

CMK manage the University’s Prospective Student database using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Through this we house key contact data for future students and their stakeholders to facilitate direct marketing campaigns.  

How CMK can help 

If you would like to send an email or direct marketing piece, such as a personalised letter, to prospective students or another external audience (teachers, Career Advisors, Principals among others) to promote a degree, event, service or scholarship, we can help.  

CMK’s Direct Marketing team manages direct mail and eDM campaigns to prospective students. We work to a comprehensive year-round plan of communications designed to convert prospective students to enrolled students.

CMK does not manage communications to current students (SAS, SUE) or Alumni (Advancement). Also, we don’t manage regular internal communications (e.g. within Schools or Divisions). However, we can set you up with templates and training to manage this yourselves.

If you wish to send an eDM to a group that is not prospective, current or past students, please liaise with your Division Marketing contact (contact details below). Please provide a minimum of 10 business days’ notice to produce an eDM – the time will vary depending on whether an existing template is sufficient, or whether additional functionality is required (such as RSVPs for an event).

For areas that require regular eDMs, we may set you up with your own specific templates and provide training, so you can manage this yourselves.

Points to consider before approaching CMK for support

  • What is your objective?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Is an eDM required or would a traditional email fulfil your objective?
  • Do you know what content you want the eDM to include?
  • Have you received support from Head of School, Research Centre Manager, PVC or Unit Director/Deputy Directors to commence this project?

Producing an eDM

  1. Determine your objective
  2. Develop content and image you wish to include in the eDM
  3. Liaise with a CMK staff member (please refer to below contact details) who will follow the CMK eDM process to to determine the best approach.
  4. If appropriate, we will work with you to develop an eDM - please note we require X business days’ notice for producing and distributing an eDM

Is direct mail and electronic direct mail right for you?

There are other ways to engage stakeholders or raise awareness of the University’s work. Please consider:

Contact us 

If you are based in a Division, or research centre associated with a Division, please contact your local Manager: Communications and Marketing about your marketing requirements.

If you are from a Business Unit outside of a Division, you can contact the Communications and Marketing Unit Campaign Services team on: 8302 0944 (Marketing Coordinator CRM and Direct Marketing).   

If you would like to send something directly to the University’s alumni base, please liaise with the University’s Advancement Services team.  

If you would like to communicate with current students via the Student Experience eNewsletter please contact Danielle George from the Student Engagement Unit.