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Dr Laura-Anne Bull

Welcome from the former Pro Vice Chancellor: Student Engagement and Equity, Dr Laura -Anne Bull

Laura-Anne welcomes new Program Directors and talks about UniSA's enterprising approaches to teaching and learning.

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Quick Guide for New Program Directors

Quick Guide for staff recently appointed to the role of Program Director

Pointers to further information and support

Currently being updated.

Digital Learning Strategy DLS

UniSA's Digital Learning Strategy is an enterprise-wide implementation of online and blended learning at UniSA. It outlines the necessary pedagogical practices and processes that will scaffold an exceptional learning environment. 

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The Importance of the role and
UniSA's approach to Teaching and Learning

from a past seminar

A panel of UniSA experts discuss the importance of the role and UniSA's unique approach to Teaching and Learning.  

Supporting Students and Enhancing Teaching

Activity reports 
and data

Ms Kerry Purtle

Ms Kerry Purtle,
former Senior Planning Analyst: Business Intelligence & Planning

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Link to Program Director BI report 


Mr Wayne Pedder

Mr Wayne Pedder,
former Manager: Learning and Teaching Systems, Teaching Innovation Unit 

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Link to LearnOnline Help


Mr Richard Lamb

Mr Richard Lamb, Manager: Learning and Teaching Systems, Information Strategy and Technology Services 

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Link to Analytics Dashboard - Courses 

Support for 

Mr Brendan Hughes

Mr Brendan Hughes,
Director: Student Engagement Unit 

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Student Engagement Unit 

Hear from the experts

Reflections on the role of Program Director from those who have done it.

Mrs Cathy Balfour

Mrs Cathy Balfour,
Program Director of Psychologial Science

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Dr Jan Rose

Dr Jan Rose, 
Former Program Director in Engineering

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Dr Saras Sastrowardoyo

Dr Saras Sastrowardoyo,
Program Director in Management and Entrepreneurship

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Dr Lois McKellar

Associate Professor Lois McKellar,
Program Director in Midwifery

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Hear about more supports and strategies

Learning Strategy

Professor Allan Evans

Professor Allan Evans, Provost and Chief Academic Officer

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MS Rachel Clements

Ms Rachel Clements, former Manager, Academic Library Services, University Library

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Student & Academic Services

Ms Tania Kanellos

Ms Tania Kanellos, Deputy Director: Academic Services, Student and Academic Services

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Link to Assessment Policies & Procedures Manual 


Mrs Catherine Daniel

Mrs Catherine Daniel,
Copyright Coordinator 

Link to UniSA Copyright

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