Access and Inclusion

Access and Inclusion services are all about supporting and empowering students to achieve their academic goals and participate equitably in all aspects of university life. Our goal is to foster a campus culture that embraces, respects and celebrates diversity in all its forms.

We provide advice and guidance in relation to access, adjustments and inclusive practices for students who have a disability, impairment or chronic health condition and those with significant caring responsibilities. Our services are free and confidential, open to all UniSA students and can be delivered via phone or in person from any campus.

Access Plans

An Access Plan is a confidential document which provides information about the impact of a student’s disability, impairment, mental health condition or chronic health issue on their studies.


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Positive Health and Wellbeing

An individual’s overall health can be determined by their combined physical and mental health. UniSA aspires to be a place where students feel a strong sense of belonging to a UniSA community which cares about the wellbeing of its members.

Study Support

UniSA are keen to give you all the skills, information and support you require in order to succeed. If you could use a little help with your study or assignments, have a look at the range of online resources, workshops and learning support services.

Campus Access

Learn about campus facilities and access including campus maps, parking, lecture theatres and toilets.

Links and Contacts

Who are your Access & Inclusion Advisors and other helpful information and links.

Need to book an appointment with an Advisor?

Our Advisors provide advice on how to navigate a wide range of issues and if needed, develop an individualised Access Plan with you that will give you access to a range of additional supports such as alternative print, lecture transcription, exam adjustments, assistive technology and specialised equipment.