Access Plans

An Access Plan is a confidential document which provides information about the impact of a student’s disability, impairment, mental health condition or chronic health issue on their studies. The Access Plan will document the agreed services that will be provided by Access and Inclusion, including any alternative exam arrangements if required. The Access Plan helps students to negotiate reasonable academic adjustments with University staff.

Student's disability or medical information remains their private information. Only information students choose to release within the University goes into their Access Plan. By providing information to staff about the impact of their disability, impairment, mental health condition or chronic health issue at university, it can help staff in assisting students with their studies.

No information about a student's disability, mental health or medical condition is passed outside the University without a student's consent.

Services that can be provided may include:

Exam services and adjustments may include:

  • Extra time
  • Alternative Venue
  • Allowance for rest or toilet breaks
  • Provision of assistive technology such as a laptop and software
  • Alternative seating arrangements for example, ergonomic chair, a tilt table, footrest or lectern
  • Alternative format, for example A3 enlargement or e-copy

Common academic adjustments which may be negotiated include:

  • Extra-time for in class tests
  • Extra time for assignments
  • Provision of extra notes or materials
  • Alternative assessment tasks
  • Extra assistance for practical tasks

If you think that you may be eligible for services you are encouraged to make an appointment with an Access and Inclusion Adviser.  You will be required to provide supporting documentation from your Health Practitioner using the Health Practitioner Form.  For further information about documentation required, visit the Supporting Documentation webpage.

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