I'm a new student, what is a UniMentor?

What is a UniMentor? 

UniMentors are current students who offer a friendly face while providing ongoing support to new students, helping to make the transition to university easier.

How do I receive a UniMentor?

New students commencing in study period 2 and study period 5 are automatically assigned a UniMentor when starting their studies at UniSA. 

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How will my UniMentor contact me?

UniMentors will contact their assigned commencing students each week via the student email from pre-orientation week to week 6.

What will be in the weekly email from my UniMentor?

  • Offer timely information.
  • Answer any questions.
  • Provide continual advice and support throughout the program.

Can I ask my UniMentor questions via email?

Absolutely! The UniMentor program is designed as a two-way communication channel and it's up to the new student to ask the UniMentor any questions about studying at UniSA. 


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If you have any questions about the UniMentor program, please contact unisamentors@unisa.edu.au.