Meet some of our UniMentors! 


Meet Alex!

Alex studies a Bachelor of Social Work.  📚

She can do a good Elmo impression. 😅

Alex enjoys being a UniMentor as she can connect with new people. 🙌


Meet Aurora!

Aurora is studying a Master of Architecture. 📚

Aurora is a surfer and loves painting. 🏄🎨

The reason Aurora loves being a UniMentor is because she enjoys helping people. Aurora wants to help new students adapt to the new university life and build a sense of belonging to UniSA. 🙌


Meet Christopher!

Christopher is studying a Master of Finance (Financial Planning).

People’s initial interaction of Chris is that he may seem serious, but he’s very friendly and helpful 😊

Chris loves the fact that he can meet and interact with new people and be a guiding force for fellow students who have just joined Uni. Being a UniMentor has also helped him develop his leadership, communication and time management skills 🙌


Meet Emily!

Emily studies a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). 📚
Emily loves being a UniMentor as she gets the chance to help others through the overwhelming demands of university. She wishes she had someone to turn to when first started university and was struggling through a course she didn’t enjoy.
In the end, all she wants is for her fellow students to succeed and be happy, however that looks for them. ❤️


Meet Gul!

Gul is studying a Bachelor of Media and Communication. 📚

A fun fact about Gul would be that she gave campus tours to fellow course mates on her first day on the campus. ✨

One thing Gul loves about being a Unimentor would be to build lifelong friendships and getting involved in uni activities. 🙌


Meet Hyla!

Hyla is studying a Bachelor of Software Engineering. 💻

Whilst Hyla enjoys programming, they also have a strong interest in media and content creation (even having their own YouTube channel and Twitch streams). 💭

Hyla loves being a UniMentor because you get to meet so many new faces throughout the program and you get to help students through their new university life. 🙌


Meet Janya!

Janya studies Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services), Bachelor of Psychology 📚
She wants to perform at the 2023 Students Got Talent ✨
Janya loves being a UniMentor as she was quite clueless as a first-year student, so she’s glad to help new students to settle down.
She also enjoys volunteering at the Brekky Bar 🥐


Meet Julia!

Julia is studying a Bachelor of Business (Design and Marketing). 📚

Cooking is Julia’s favourite hobby, and she LOVES pasta. 🍝

Julia loves being able to help where she can so getting to help new students when they need it is a great experience. She values kindness quite highly and so figured the UniMentor program falls into this category. She has also enjoyed getting to know other UniMentors this semester and have made some new friends through this program. ✨


Meet Samantha!

Samantha is studying an International Master of Business Administration (Advertising and Brand Management). 📚

Samantha loves swing dancing, it's her stress-buster! 💃

The best part about being a UniMentor for Samantha is meeting peers from different parts of the world at university events and finding similarities despite cultural differences. 🌎


Meet Sasha!

Sasha is studying a Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine (Honours), chosen due to an obsession with Sherlock Holmes! 🧫🔍 Sasha finds it fascinating how the author would analyse and come up with laboratory procedures that weren't invented during that time to solve a case. 🔬

One of Sasha’s hobbies is crocheting organs, “because I can't collect/store the real ones.” 😅

Sasha loves being a UniMentor because “I am able to challenge myself and develop my skills even further while also meeting new people from whom I can learn and discover new knowledge”. Being a UniMentor is a great way to meet new people, and connect with others in your degree, regardless of year level. ✨


Meet Sayil!

Sayli studies a Master of Project Management. 📚

Sayli adores flowers and plants but is unfortunately allergic to pollen! Sayli brings an entire pharmacy with her to a flower-filled park or garden walk. 🌷

A really awesome experience about being a UniMentor for Sayli is the chance to help fellow students. Sayli gets such a great feeling guiding newer students through the whole university experience and has learnt so much from each other's experiences. ✨


Meet Shreya!

Shreya is studying an International Master of Business Administration (Business Analytics). 📚

Shreya has never lived in one house for more than a year and absolutely loves cooking for anyone! 🏠🍲

Shreya has found that being a UniMentor is the best and the easiest way to connect with new students. Shreya finds comfort knowing that it’s not just her who felt anxious coming to a new country. Shreya absolutely loves helping new students and talking to them and has made various close connections with a lot of students. 😊  


Meet Smit!

Smit is studying a Master of Information Technology (Enterprise Management). 📚

Smit loves cycling and tried shipping his bicycle from his home country to Adelaide so that he can explore different places by riding. 🚴

Smit likes the UniMentor program a lot because it has allowed him to engage with a lot of students. Smit prefers working on helping students and creating a great environment for them at UniSA. Through this program, Smit got to do what he was inclined to do and is looking forward to continuing to help students. 🙌