Meet some of our UniMentors! 

Meet Alex!

Alex studies a Bachelor of Social Work. 
She can do a good Elmo impression!
Alex enjoys being a UniMentor as she can connect with new people! 

Meet Gaurav! 

Gaurav is studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing).
He makes sure he lives life to the fullest and enjoys every single day!
Gaurav is loving being a UniMentor as helping people is something that he always does, and this program allows him to help new students and share his experiences. 
Meet Janya! 
Janya studies Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services), Bachelor of Psychology. 
She wants to perform at the 2023 Students Got Talent. 
Janya loves being a UniMentor as she was quite clueless as a first-year student, so she’s glad to help new students to settle down.
She also enjoys volunteering at the Brekky Bar!
Meet Emily!
Emily studies a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). 
Emily loves being a UniMentor as she gets the chance to help others through the overwhelming demands of university.
She wishes she had someone to turn to when first started university and was struggling through a course she didn’t enjoy.
In the end, all she wants is for her fellow students to succeed and be happy, however that looks for them.