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Over the course of your studies, you will be writing essays, correspondence, reports and presentations, referencing, paraphrasing and undertaking other types of assignments. You will also be working closely with other students in your group assignments. The better equipped you are to communicate your ideas in your assessments, the greater your chances are for academic success. 

That is why we are continuously looking at ways to help, support and set students up to thrive in their degrees.

If you are a commencing undergraduate student, we invite you to participate in the Academic Success Literacy Activity (or ASLA). ASLA is an online, 30-minute activity consisting of multiple choice questions and a short writing exercise that will enable us to tailor a personalised learning plan for you. We will provide guidance, support and access to resources to build your academic literacies so that you can truly experience positive learning outcomes and succeed in your study program.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

ASLA is a student support initiative for commencing undergraduate students. 

ASLA is open to all commencing undergraduate students. 

Completing the Academic Success Literacy Activity (ASLA) is optional. However, it gives you a unique opportunity to evaluate your academic language and literacies profile and see how ready you are to tackle the demands of university study, particularly assessments that rely on your communication and writing skills.

ASLA gives you an indication of your current academic language and literacies profile and how it meets the expectations of your specific program or discipline. Academic language is very different from language used for everyday communication. At university, you will need to develop your communication skills at a level that is necessary for various activities including essay writing, business correspondence, reports and presentations, referencing, paraphrasing, reading and comprehension, in the context of your chosen discipline.

It should take you approximately 30 minutes or less to complete the ASLA. There is a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions which assess your academic English and literacy skills including reading comprehension. The ASLA also includes a paragraph writing task. It is important to attempt this task so that we can evaluate your writing capabilities.

ASLA results will be used to prepare a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) for you. The plan is intended to provide guidance, support and access to resources to build your academic literacies so that you experience positive learning outcomes and succeed in your studies. 

No, ASLA is different from an English proficiency test (e.g. IELTS or TOEFL). It is designed to identify and guide you towards accessing UniSA designed support services that will help you to continue to build/develop academic literacies over the course of your program and set you up for academic success.

Yes, you are strongly encouraged to complete the ASLA which focuses on academic literacies and not English language for everyday communication.

The best time to complete ASLA is before you enrol in your first courses or subjects. Your ASLA results can then be used as a basis for adding available academic literacy courses that you may take as an elective into your study plan. 

You can still complete the ASLA after the enrolment period closes. You will receive an email advising you to take the opportunity to complete ASLA within a specified timeline.

The results will be kept confidential but bear in mind that staff will have access to the information from ASLA to develop the most appropriate learning plan to assist you in your studies. Whenever possible, individual names will be de-identified in reports generated about the ASLA.

You can access ASLA by clicking the blue ‘Get started” button above, or by accessing the link sent to you by email. Please note that you only have one attempt to complete ASLA. If you have any difficulty accessing the online ASLA, then contact our team via email at

You can complete ASLA online using a desktop computer or laptop. Unfortunately, the tool is not optimised for iPad and mobile platforms. If you choose, you may also complete ASLA on any university computer on campus. It is recommended you have a reliable internet connection so that your attempt does not cut-out half way through the questions.

Your ASLA results and your Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) will be emailed to you. You may also receive an e-referral to see a Learning Adviser, it is up to you whether or not you accept the e-referral. 

No, your performance in the ASLA will not impact on your grades, GPA or your degree. Your results will be personally shared with you as the basis to prepare a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) with your input to set you up for academic success. ASLA results will not be included in your academic record and will not appear on your official Academic Transcript or your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

If your score indicates you would benefit from receiving academic support, you will be provided with an e-referral to a Learning Adviser for an in-depth discussion of your score and the best support options that will help enhance your academic literacy skills.

If you achieve a high sore on the ASLA, you will still receive a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) to familiarise you with student support services and Study Help online resources. You will also be encouraged to participate in personal development activities focused on leadership and mentoring, which are available at UniSA.

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