Annual and Completion Reports

Ethics approval is normally granted for a period of three years. As a condition of ethics approval, UniSA HREC (and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research) requires researchers to provide an annual progress report and a summative report on completion of the project.

The National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research requires that researchers report, at least annually, on:

  1. progress to date, or outcome in the case of completed research
  2. maintenance and security of records
  3. compliance with the approved proposal
  4. compliance with any conditions of approval

A project is deemed complete when either

  • The thesis has been submitted, or
  • A summary of results can be provided in the final report.

If none of these project completion conditions are met, then you must complete an annual project progress report.

Please complete the Annual Report/Extension Request/Project Completion form and send it to the Human Research Ethics Office ( as per the following:

  • Project Progress reports: every 12 months after the listed commencement date for the approved protocol
  • Project completion: within 3 months of the project being deemed completed.