Human Research Ethics

Human research is research conducted with or about people,
or their data or tissue.

COVID-19 Impacts to research projects

In line with Australian and State Government advice – and the University’s own WHS controls – all non-essential fieldwork / in-person research / face-to-face research is NOW SUSPENDED until further notice.

 ‘Essential’ means critical for the development or delivery of a therapeutic solution for COVID-19, or an urgent remedy for critical infrastructure or supply to government identified essential enterprises (e.g., supermarkets, pharmacies) that cannot be provided remotely.

Any requests deemed essential by the researcher will require approval by the Dean Research and Executive Dean, and the DVC:R&E.

Although it is understood that many research projects will be affected, it is critical to prioritise the safety of researchers, participants and the wider community.

For considerations relating to COVID-19, and the University directive above, relating to the need to modify:

  • approved research projects
  • applications under review
  • new projects and applications

please refer to the Covid-19 and Human Research Ethics webpage.