Recruiting UniSA Staff and Students, and access to UniSA Data

The University strives to preserve the privacy of its staff and students, and maintain confidentiality of data and other information held by the University. The University also aims to protect its staff and students from unsolicited emails, and minimise staff and students being over-researched. The University therefore discourages the recruitment of its staff and students, and the collection of data and other information for research purposes, unless the nature of the research is beneficial to the University and/or its staff and students.

For permission to recruit/access UniSA staff, students or data for research purposes, including permission to send emails and/or display flyers/posters, please seek permission from the Dean/Director/Senior Manager or delegate of the relevant Academic Unit. This is ideally requested to occur before final ethics approval is obtained.

For recruitment within Administrative Units of the University, permission must be sought from the relevant Director/delegate.

Please contact the Facilities Management Unit and/or the UniSA Students Association (where relevant) for requirements in relation to permissions to post flyers or posters on campus.

Please be advised that the onus of acquiring and maintaining the records of these requisite approvals and permissions solely lies on researchers. 

Relevant University policies and guidelines