What is the UniSA+ Award?

The prestigious UniSA+ Award, endorsed by the Vice Chancellor, is open to all UniSA students and recognises your excellent co-curricular efforts.

There are three challenges you can choose from: Self-Development, Volunteering and Leadership. For each challenge, you will need to access an online training module, undertake meaningful experiences such as workshops, internships or paid employment, and submit a reflection piece. When you complete the challenge, you will receive a digital certificate to celebrate your milestone achievement. Upon completing all three challenges, you will qualify for the UniSA+ Award.

You can complete as many challenges as you like, at your own pace. Your efforts will be recognised every step of the way.

How it works

Step 1

Complete the online training module for the challenge.

Step 2

Acquire meaningful experiences and submit proof of your activities. 

Step 3

Submit your reflection. Once the reflection is assessed, a certificate will be automatically generated.

Pick your challenge



Discover yourself through meaningful actions

› 20 hours of personal and professional development activities

40 hours of meaningful experiences that contribute to your growth and learning




Make an impact and discover the joy of giving

› 60 hours of volunteering with at least two different organisations




Trust yourself and cultivate the courage to lead

A leadership learning lesson (incl. at least 2 leadership podcast episodes)

2 leadership programs within UniSA or externally



Meaningful experiences include:

  • Paid employment: Jobs that offer learning and growth opportunities. Share how your paid work has refined your skills and capabilities.
  • Voluntary professional internships/experiences: Non-credit bearing, professional roles that build skills like leadership and teamwork. (Note: credit-bearing activities, such as placements, do not count as they are part of course requirements.) 
  • Overseas experiences: Study exchanges, international aid or cultural exchanges that enhance flexibility, adaptability and cultural intelligence.

Submit a 250-word reflection on why these experiences were meaningful, the skills/attributes you developed, and their impact on your life.

Yes, activities completed up to two years prior can count as long as:

  • You were a UniSA student at the time
  • The activities meet the eligibility criteria
  • You have supporting evidence.

Contact the UniSA+ support team for guidance on transferring your activities. You’ll need to provide documentation and reflections as required by the new system.

You need to submit this through CareerHub, including certificates, official letters, confirmation emails, or screenshots of dashboards. All evidence should be in PDF format and can be combined into one document if necessary.

Modules typically take 1-2 hours to complete, but this can vary based on content and individual pace.

A reflection piece describes your experiences, what you learned, and how these experiences contributed to your personal and professional growth. It ensures meaningful self-assessment and learning. UniSA+ reflections can be a written essay, a creative presentation, or a video — you can choose the style that best shares your learnings.

The UniSA+ Award is open to all current UniSA students except research degree students (please see the UniSAEdge program if you are a research degree student). You must complete your challenges before your graduation.

Upon completing all three challenges (Self-Development, Volunteering, and Leadership), you will receive the prestigious UniSA+ Award. This includes a certificate signed by the Vice Chancellor and an exclusive pin, presented at the annual Student Recognition Event.

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