UniSAEDGE: a personalised approach empowering your growth, development and elevating your HDR career. 


UniSA recognises that our talented Higher Degree by Research candidates bring a diversity of experiences, knowledge, skills and strengths to their degree.  Additionally, each research experience is different and the inspiring goals you are seeking to achieve are also diverse.   

In response, UniSA offers you tailorable development through UniSA EDGE. Bringing together development opportunities from UniSA and expert external facilitators, UniSA EDGE enables you to: 

  • Plan 
  • Develop 
  • Reflect on, and apply, your development 

For upcoming development opportunities, see the UniSA Researcher Development HDR page.


UniSA EDGE Capability Framework 

The EDGE Capability Framework is a tool for understanding and developing the capabilities relevant to successfully completing your degree and achieving your research and career aspirations.   

Organised into four major themes, the Framework describes HDR capabilities in detail. 

Find out more about the capabilities identified through the UniSA EDGE Capability Framework

Interested in reflecting on your current skills as they align to the Framework?  Use the Development Needs Assessment tool in EDGEx. 



EDGEx is a software platform that supports you to manage your development.  Use EDGEx to help you: 

  • identify relevant development opportunities and build a development plan
  • book activities 
  • reflect on how you are applying your skillsets including impacts on your research and goals 
  • export a list of completed development for your CV, grant applications and more 

Go straight to EDGEx or have a look at the EDGEx Online Resource Hub  to maximise your use of EDGEx. 


Visit EDGEx

Visit the EDGE Online Resource Hub

UniSA EDGE Capability Framework

Visit the UniSA Researcher Development website for upcoming opportunities