Part of the Transformed PhD, UniSAEDGE (Enhancement of Doctoral Graduate Employability) is a personalised approach to help you build your skillset and supercharge your career.

As a PhD student, EDGE will:

  • enhance your PhD experience
  • support you to undertake high quality research and complete on time
  • help you thrive in a dynamic employment market. 


A framework for success

EDGE supports you to develop your career throughout candidature, building skills knowledge, and experiences across the four domains of the EDGE Framework:

Research Expertise: addressing the needs of your research project.


Enterprising Futures: responding to industry needs for specific attributes and competencies.


Skills in Practice: recognising the value of experiential and work-integrated learning.


Careers in Focus: helping you to reflect, plan and manage your skills needs in alignment with your career ambitions.

Plan - Do - Recognise


Your EDGE. Your way.

EDGE supports you in accelerating your development throughout candidature, using a continuous skills development approach.

You'll PlanDo and Recognise your progress in EDGE through all stages of your PhD: commencing, continuing and completing.


Plan your EDGE participation using our two unique tools, the Development Needs Analysis (DNA) and the Career Conversation. They have been designed using the EDGE Framework so you can reflect your current knowledge, skills and experience at each stage of your PhD, and bring your career aspirations into your development plan. You'll be prompted to review your DNA at each stage of candidature, reflecting your deepening strengths and changing development priorities.


EDGE brings together a range of professional development opportunities offered within and external to UniSA, to help you develop the EDGE capabilities. You'll be able to find and book activities offered by UniSA training specialists as well as recording the practical experiences you engage in beyond the university. EDGE recognises the value of work-integrated learning and hands-on experiences to develop your skills, including conference presentations, teaching and industry engagement through internships and partnered projects.

Explore the range of options to develop your capabilities in EDGE:

EDGEx activity catalogue                                Industry engagement


By reflecting on your completed experiences and activities and how they've helped you to develop your capabilities in EDGE, you'll begin to articulate your knowledge, skills and experiences in language familiar to a diverse range of potential employers. Your EDGE Portfolio is a repository for a range of assets you can tailor to support career-focused resources, whether that's a CV, grant track record statement or a biography for LinkedIn.

EDGEx is UniSA’s custom-built software solution which all  research degree students can use to find and book a range of activities delivered by training specialists across UniSA. In EDGEx you’ll find activities provided by the Library, Research Education (formerly RESA), Academic Units, the Research Integrity team and Career Services.

EDGEx access for PhD and Dual Award candidates:

The EDGE Framework is built into the EDGEx tools and resources which support your continuous skills development pathway at UniSA.

Use the Development Needs Analysis (DNA) tool in EDGEx to Plan your EDGE experience. The DNA is the self-assessment tool underpinned by the EDGE Framework which helps you understand your current knowledge, skills and experiences and presents you with a personalised list of training opportunities based on your strengths and development priorities. You’ll also use EDGEx to capture the details of your one-on-one Career Conversation with a Career Coach who’ll support you to think about how to include your post-PhD goals in your development plans.

Use EDGEx to find, book and Do a range of professional development activities offered by UniSA training specialists. You'll also be able to self-record the details of any work-integrated and practical experiences you engage with both within and outside UniSA.

Recognise your development and reflect on your accomplishments throughout candidature in your EDGE portfolio – it’s where you’ll keep track of your development in EDGEx and connect it to the EDGE Framework so you can build a comprehensive CV and other career assets as you reach the end of your PhD.

EDGEx access for Masters, Professional Doctorate and PhD by Portfolio candidates:

You’ll use EDGEx to find and book training and development activities run by UniSA providers and keep track of these and any other training or development experiences you want to record.

You’ll be able to use these details so you can build a comprehensive CV and other career assets as you reach the end of your candidature.


  1. Use your UniSA username and password to log in to EDGEx at - why not save this link to your browser favourites?
  2. You can also find the EDGEx link in the myUniSA student portal homepage.


To optimise your EDGEx experience we advise using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.


EDGEx support

EDGEx support is provided by the Graduate Research Development team.

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