Research degree student induction and orientation

First weeks and beyond

Welcome to the University of South Australia. This section will help you ease into life as a research degree student.

The induction to your research degree consists of a number of activities designed to ensure you have a positive start to your research degree, and have all of the information to be an effective, safe and responsible research student.

To complete your induction you are required to undertake the following:

  •  Meetings with key people in your Academic Unit
  • Completion of your induction checklist
  • Complete Orientation Online, available here (Registration key HDROrientation2020).
  • If you haven’t already completed the commencement survey, please assist us by completing the survey now.


The following resources will help you meet the requirements of this milestone.

You'll definitely need:
You might need:

Research students may commence at different times throughout the year. See below for a guide to what is available in various months to help you get started.

Your first days / month

Checklist – first days at the University of South Australia

You will have received the Checklist for first days at the University of South Australia (PDF file, 296kb) with your enrolment information. This checklist asks you to make sure you have:

  • received or accessed key information
  • met key University staff members
  • attended the Orientation Session

The checklist includes a list of key actions for international students.

International students with school-aged children: some types of scholarship/sponsorship will exempt you from paying tuition and administration fees for your children's public schooling. For further details, see the school children of SA government endorsed scholarship holders webpage.

Welcome meeting and Research Induction Plan

One of the main goals of the welcome meeting is to negotiate the activities you will undertake and discuss your respective expectations.

These expectations will be around:

  • your supervisors' involvement in elements of the thesis writing
  • agreement on the important matters of plagiarism, intellectual property (IP) and authorship on publications – this may also require a Student Project Participation Agreement

This is a good time for your supervisors to be clear about their responsibilities as principal and co/associate supervisors of your candidature.

The Research Induction Plan (PDF 303KB) ensures that important matters have been covered during this meeting and at other local induction sessions.

Statement of Agreement

Use the Statement of Agreement (PDF 169KB) as an opportunity to maximise your research education experience. It forms the basis of your Reviews of Progress.

Please also refer to Information about the Statement of Agreement (.doc, 95KB).

The guidelines for the Statement of Agreement can be found here

Research degree orientation

The University of South Australia offers an orientation for new research degree students. Orientation is compulsory and is delivered virtually via Orientation Online. Access the module with your student ID and registration key HDROrientation2020. Complete a short quiz, to demonstrate your understanding and engagement with the information. You are required to complete the module within 8 weeks of commencing your research degree. Questions may be directed to

Throughout the year, but visit now

Discipline-specific and University-wide activities

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Online resources are available.