Local Research Support Staff

N.B - If you are looking for assistance in finding a research degree supervisor and you have already followed the instructions here, please contact the Research Degree Coordinator (RDC).  Please include details of the supervisors you have contacted when contacting a RDC.

UniSA Allied Health and Human Performance

Academic Unit Contact:


Dean of Research: Professor Susan Hillier 
Research Degree Coordinator (RDC):

Professor Marie Williams 

Dr Ashleigh Smith

Dr Beben Benyamin


UniSA Business

Academic Unit Contact: Bis-research@unisa.edu.au
Dean of Research: Professor Nancy Arthur

Professorial Lead

Associate Professor Richard Lee

Research Degree Coordinator (RDC):

Dr Katherin Christ - Accounting

Dr Xin Deng Applied Economics

Dr Jamie Cleland – Business & Strategies

Dr Simon Cottrell – Finance

Dr Gerry Treuren – HR Management

Dr Margaret Faulkner – Marketing & Tourism Management

Professor Byron Sharp - Marketing


UniSA Clinical and Health Sciences

Academic Unit Contact:


Dean of Research:
Professor Alan Boddy
Professorial Leads:

A/Prof David Evans

A/Prof Sally Plush

Research Degree Coordinator (RDC):

Dr Maurizo Costabile

A/Prof Larisa Bobrovskaya

Professor Clive Prestidge

A/Prof Anton Blencowe

A/Prof Rietie Venter

A/Prof Cobus Gerber

Dr Kristen Bremmell

Dr Lisa Kalisch-Ellett

Professor Mary Steen

Professor Nicholas Procter

Dr Vijay Suppiah


UniSA Creative

Academic Unit Contact: CTV-Research@unisa.edu.au
Dean of Research:
Professor Craig Batty
Professorial Lead for Research Education

Professor Simon Biggs

Research Degree Coordinator (RDC):

Dr Matthew Rofe

Dr Sean Pickersgill


UniSA Education Futures

Academic Unit Contact: EDC-Research@unisa.edu.au
Dean of Research: Professor Sam Sellar
Research Degree Coordinator (RDC):

Dr Deborah Price

Dr Alison Wrench - MPEU


UniSA Justice and Society

Academic Unit Contact:


Dean of Research:
Professor Jill Dorrian
Professorial Leads A/Prof Amanda Hutchinson
Research Degree Coordinator (RDC):

 A/P Tobias Loetscher - Social Work and Social Policy

Dr Harry Savelsberg - Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy

Dr David Radford - Sociology, Communications, International Studies, and Languages and Linguistics

Dr Joe McIntyre - Law



Academic Unit Contact:


Dean of Research Professor Enzo Lombi
Professorial Leads A/Prof Jason Whittle
Research Degree Coordinator (RDC):

A/Prof Shahraam Afshar

A/Prof Wolfgang Mayer

Dr Georg Grossman

Dr Jorge Ochoa

Dr Guna Hewa

Dr Xing Ma

Dr Justin Payne


Future Industries Institute

Institute Contact:


Director: Professor Peter Murphy
Research Degree Coordinator (RDC):

Dr Gary Owens - STEM

A/Prof Haolan Xu - STEM

A/Prof Albert Juhasz - STEM 

A/Prof Zlatko Kopecki - Clinical and Health Sciences