Claim for thesis allowance (scholarship holders only)

Students in receipt of:

  • Domestic Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarship

  • University of South Australia Research Awards, or

  • Other Postgraduate Scholarships (please check with your school research administration in the first instance).

A thesis allowance is payable to assist with costs associated with the presentation of a thesis.


After submission of your thesis for examination, you will need to lodge a claim with the Graduate Research Centre within 6 months of the final thesis submission and/or within 24 months of termination or expiry of your scholarship.

Completion Scholarship and President's Scholarship (UPS) recipients are ineligible to claim.

Value of the allowance

The thesis allowance covers a maximum of four soft-bound and three hard-bound copies up to $420 for a masters by research thesis and $840 for a doctoral thesis.

Claims for hard-bound copies are only accepted for the final thesis submission.

For details about presentation of the thesis, please refer to the academic regulations

How to claim

Complete and submit the form: Claim for thesis allowance (PDF 69KB)

With your claim please attach original receipts from the person who provided the services showing the amount incurred by the award holder, the date on which the receipt was issued and the service for which the claim is being made. Scanned copies of receipts can also be provided but will need to be accompanied by proof of payment with a copy of a bank statement.

Submit the form and all receipts to Examinations and Results, Student and Academic Services (see form for submission details)

Thesis allowance is not assessable income for taxation purposes.