UniSA’s Counselling Service offers free and confidential short-term counselling to students studying onshore in Australia to help with managing any personal issues that could affect your studies.

Our Counsellors are highly qualified and have extensive experience working with university students. They will listen to your concerns without judgement and work with you, exploring options and solutions that suit your needs.

Counsellors assist students with a wide range of issues including:

  • assisting with personal issues affecting your studies
  • adjusting to change (new culture, university, city, academic expectations)
  • managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • learning about motivation, time management and exam stress
  • offering support following a crisis or trauma
  • dealing with sexual harassment or assault
  • managing a personal or family crisis

Counsellors also run personal wellbeing workshops on campus and provide a range of online self-help resources. We encourage you to make use of our services and resources.


Our Counsellors talk you through booking an appointment, the out-of-hours crisis line, sexual assault and sexual harassment support and wellbeing workshops.


Learn how to manage the stresses of daily life through our workshops and mindfulness sessions. 

Self-Help Resources

Access a range of useful resources for students to help themselves.

Meet The Team

Counsellors are located on each metropolitan campus.


Find us on metropolitan campuses.

Wellbeing at UniSA

Discover useful information and services that promote good health, wellbeing and adjustment to university life.

Respectful and Safer Communities

Find information and resources on respect and safety at UniSA.

Urgent Assistance

Australia wide:

South Australian Local Services:

  • If you are involved in or witness a serious or distressing incident on campus, please contact Securityfor assistance.
  • Metropolitan campuses/UniSA Online students: 1300 301 703
  • Mount Gambier campus: (08) 8723 1999
  • Whyalla campus: (08) 8645 8233

What to Expect From Counselling?

Counselling FAQs

  • How can UniSA counselling help me?
  • What kinds of issues can I talk about in a counselling session?
  • What can I expect in my first counselling session?
  • Is my information kept private/confidential?
  • What if I need additional support?
  • When should I book an appointment?
  • What if I can’t see the Counsellor in person?
  • What happens if I can’t make it or if I’m late?
  • What if I need help now?
  • Can I access the Counselling Service from overseas?
  • What if I don’t feel comfortable with the Counsellor I’m seeing?