Preparing for Online Exams 

This year all examinations will be open book and delivered online, please refer to the Staff FAQs for additional informationIf you haven’t already, wstrongly encourage you to talk to your Program DirectorDean of Programs, and/or the Teaching Innovation Unit regarding your requirements for an examination this year. In the lead up to the exam period you are able to change your usual exam to a different type of assessment. 

Page Contents:

  1. Revised Exam Conditions
  2. Alternative assessment in place of the examination
  3. Transition to an online examination
  4. Academic Integrity 
  5. Revised Exam Conditions
  6. AD & OED Consultations
  7. Workshops


Revised Exam Conditions

The following conditions have been approved and will apply to all online exams in learnonline:

  • SAS will timetable exams as normal to ensure the online exam schedule is free of clashes.
  • Exams must have a set time limit inclusive of an additional hour. SAS will publish the exam schedule which will include the time limit to ensure that exams do not clash.
  • Multiple choice question exams will be offered as a learnonline quiz.
  • Exam questions with text answers will be offered as a learnonline quiz where students can type their answers directly into the quiz. The question type will be ‘Essay’ (see Questions Types below).
  • Exam questions where the answer cannot easily be typed directly into the quiz in learnonline (e.g. languages or maths equations/graphs) will require students to upload a scanned or photographed image of their written responses (hand written or typed) to the learnonline quiz. These are referred to as a Written Exam question and uploaded to learnonline.
  • An exam can include a combination of any question type, i.e. MCQ, Essay type, or Written Exam.
  • A practice exam must be available in learnonline at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled exam. It should contain examples of question types that students will be asked to complete in the actual exam. This will ensure students are well-prepared for what they will encounter in the actual exam and/or provide an opportunity to resolve any issues that may occur before the actual exam.
  • Students should be asked to test their system, including their internet speed, prior to the exam. The following link must be added to your learnonline course site at the same time as the practice exam:
  • Assessment results for a learnonline summative assessment that is tagged as an exam will not be released to students as per the APPM. This means staff can mark the assessment in learnonline and not be in breach of policy. To ensure the results will not be released, please follow the recommended settings below.
  • Information regarding when and how students can contact their Course Coordinators (or delegates as required) must be made available prior to the online exam should an unforeseen event occur during the exam. We recommend the following text be included:

Technical difficulties - call HELP DESK  

If you experience any technical issues while completing your exam contact the IT Help Desk, this may include internet connection issues or computer performance which has impacted on your ability to complete your exam. Tell the Help Desk the specific details of the technical issue, including time and any screen shots or other evidence to support your request.  

*** Write down the relevant phone number below on paper in case you lose your internet connection. Use your mobile phone if your laptop is not working.  

  • South Australia: 8302 5000  
  • Interstate & Country: 1300 558 654 (cost of a local call)  
  • International: (+61 8) 8302 5000 (we can call you back to minimise your call costs)  

Please do not hang up even if you are on hold as a service ticket will be raised once the call is answered. This service ticket will be your evidence of an issue occurring.  

Questions about the Exam - Email your Course Coordinator  

To clarify any questions in the exam email me. Make sure you do this in a new web browser window or a dedicated email client to ensure you are not logged out of the exam. You can email me at any time during the exam period.  

*** Write down my email on paper in case you lose your internet connection. Use your mobile phone if your laptop is not working.  

[replace this text with your email] 

Alternative assessment in place of the examination

If you believe an alternative fit-for-purpose assessment can be used in place of the exam, the Teaching Innovation Unit (TIU) can support staff through online consultations with Academic Developers (AD’s) and/or Online Educational Designers (OEDs) to develop the assessment piece. Students will be required to complete this assignment during Week 13 not the timetabled exam week. If such a change in assessment type takes place, refer to the Process for modifying assessment type.  

In 2021, the ENTEXT provision will be removed from the APPM, therefore this provides Course Coordinators with an opportunity to critically review their exam as fit for purpose assessment.  


Transition to an online examination  Quiz in learnonline 

If your course requires an exam, you will need to prepare to deliver the exam via a summative learnonline quiz. A discussion with your Program Director and/or Dean of Programs is still recommended to consider how your exam can be adapted for online delivery. 

This guide is intended to provide you with the steps to move your exam online. 

There is an Staff Exam final checklist (64 KB) which should be used to ensure you have completed all the necessary steps in setting up an online exam. This is a critical part of the process in order to minimise the risk of error and issues arising on the day of the exam. 

Academic Integrity 

Online exams will not be invigilated, effectively making them an open-book exam. This may require you to re-think the style or nature of the questions you are asking. If you are using textbook derived questions, many of these are already in the public domain accessible via a Google search. We therefore encourage you to move away from recall-based questions to those which demand higher order activities. It is important to note that questions written for an online exam in learnonline cannot be re-used in subsequent exams (e.g. supplementary and deferred) as these questions will technically be in the ‘public’ domain and may be shared during, or after the exam. 

In limited instances where a Course Coordinator believes that only an invigilated examination at a university venue is appropriate for a course, permission to postpone the examination to later in the year will be required. Liaise with your Program Director in the first instance.

AD & OED Consultations

The TIU offers one-on-one consultations (via Zoom) with an AD or OED should you need support for a specific question you may have. See below how to book an AD or OED consultation.

Book an Academic Developer consultation – for support around changing the type or mode of your assessment.

Book an Online Educational Designer consultation – for questions around setting up online exams.


After you have reviewed the information supporting the development of online quiz examinations, if you still have further questions, workshops are available. 

During these workshops, we aim to support you with a hands-on activity-based session using your practical examples. 

These workshops have finished running for SP2 and will be rescheduled for during the preparation for SP5.