Assessment Design Lab

Achieving the objectives of the Academic Enterprise Plan (AEP) and the Authentic Assessment Project (AAP) will require a shared understanding of authentic assessment – examples of authentic assessment, the role of feedback in authentic assessment, and promoting academic integrity practices in the design of authentic assessments. The development of an Authentic Assessment Network will provide scope to support skill and resource development, sharing of best practice within UniSA, nationally and internationally, and increasing opportunity for recognition and reward through our existing Grants and Awards scheme and UniSA’s Professional Experience Program (PEP).

To help achieve these goals, the Teaching Innovation Unit has created the Assessment Design Lab (ADL).




  • Foster the development of authentic relationships between staff in all Academic Units and UniSA Online with a common focus and goal
  • Nurture and showcase existing work being done in authentic assessment from across all Academic Units and UniSA Online
  • Facilitate programmatic approaches to authentic assessment at UniSA
  • Provide a space for sharing, designing, and testing innovative approaches to assessment
  • Provide an environment for the co-creation of new forms of assessment and the enhanced development of existing practices
  • Support and promote development of authentic assessment among academic staff, including mentoring
  • Incorporate the student voice where appropriate.


  • New opportunities to design and test their assessment ideas and practices in a supportive environment
  • Capacity building
  • Reduce duplication of work
  • Sharing of knowledge – within the University and via conference and journal publication
  • Research collaboration in novel assessment practices
  • Contribute to the identification, acknowledgement, and establishment of good practice in authentic assessment at UniSA.

Guiding principles 

  • Recognises that there are many examples of authentic assessment at UniSA.
  • Participation – everyone in the ADL has a voice, can be heard, and can contribute to the practice of the ADL – this will be achieved through the facilitation of in-person and online venues for communication and collaboration.
  • Is committed to creating an environment with a shared domain of interest in authentic assessment. This Network will be driven by a shared desire for collaboration and collective action.
  • Will collaborate with all Academic Units and UniSA Online to empower staff to undertake assessment transformation, including those based at our regional campuses.


The ADL provides members with an opportunity to be part of a dynamic inter-disciplinary group facilitating change in assessment practices across the University. Members of the ADL will therefore be asked to share practice, peer review other’s authentic assessments, participate in discussion and promotion of ADL developments.

Membership is open to all UniSA staff and USASA members. Special interest groups may arise from membership.