Academic development: peer review of teaching

The term ‘peer review of teaching' can be used to describe a formative process dedicated to improving teaching through evidence and observation. It can also refer to a summative process that involves gaining evidence to make an evaluation or a judgement about teaching quality.


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The University of South Australia's approach to the peer review of teaching includes distinct formative and summative processes:


Summative Peer Review of Teaching (SPRT)

Summative Peer Review of Teaching (SPRT) at UniSA is a formal process for evaluating an academic staff member's teaching for professional development purposes, probation or promotion. 

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Peer Partnerships

At UniSA, Peer Partnerships refer to a collegial process for the formative peer review of teaching, supported by a short online workshop, information and guides.

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Teaching Squares

Teaching squares is a an approach that provides you with an opportunity to gain new insight into your teaching through a non-evaluative process of reciprocal classroom observation and self-reflection. 

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